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Sanborn Co., Cambridge and Waltham, Massachusetts:
1952 Instructions (Operator’s Manual) for Sanborn Multi-Channel Recorder, Models 67 and 67M, Models 77 and 77M
1955 DC General Purpose Amplifier, Models 126, 126B, 64-300A, 64-300B, 67-300, 67-300B
1956 Single Channel Recorder, Model 151-100A
1956 Replacement Parts List: DC General Purpose Amplifier, Model 67A-300B
1956 Dual Channel DC Amplifier Model 150-2900
1958 Maintenance Manual for Sanborn 150 Series Recorders
late 1950s Instruction Manual: Recorder Models 152-100B, 154-100B
1966 Synchronized DC Defibrillator, Model 780-2A, Instruction Manual
Undated Parts List for Sanborn Multi-Channel Recorder, Model 67

Sanda Inc., Bala Cynwyd, PA:
Undated Solution, Reaction and Titration Calorimeters

Sargent-Welch, Skokie, Illinois:
1970 Repair Kits and Gasket Kits for Welch Duo-Seal Vacuum Pumps
1976 Instruction Manual: Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Model 1515, 1516
ca. 1989 Model 8800 Series DirecTorr II Vacuum Pumps

Undated Precision Balances 2200 Instructions for Installation and Operation

Saunders Group, Rochester, NY:
Undated Adjustable Universal Four-Bladed Enlarging Easel

Savant Instruments, Inc., Holbrook, NY:
1986 Technical Bulletin: Cold Traps and Chemical Traps: The Right Combination to Protect Your Vacuum Pump
1990 Instruction Manual: GDS100 Gel Drying System
1991 Instruction Manual: DNA Speedvac ® Model DNA100
1996 Instruction Manual: GP110 Gel Pump
Undated Refrigerated Condensation Trap Model RT-100A
Undated Glass Insert Traps Models GIT100, GIT100BV, GIT400

Schauer, Cincinnati, OH: 
1996 Battery Charger Operating Instructions

Scherr Tumico (ST):
Undated Instruction for Micrometers and Height Gage

Schleicher & Schuell, Germany:
1987 Transfer & Immobilization of Nucleic Acids to S&S Solid Supports
1995 Blotting, Hybridization & Detection: An S&S Lab Manual, 6th edition

Schoeffel Instrument Co., Westwood, NJ: 1964, Operating Instructions: LH 151N Lamp Housing, Gas Cooler, Power Supply

Scientific Glass Engineering Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia: 1976, G.L.T. Data Sheet: Glass Lined Metal Tubing

Scientific Industries, Inc, Springfield, MA: Undated, Instructions for Use: Vortex-Genie Mixer

SciMed Life Systems, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota:
1985 Data and Instruction Manual: Membrane Oxygenator System
1985 Data and Instruction Manual: Membrane Oxygenator System

Scotch Brand:
Undated EA-300/400 Labeller

Scotsman, Vernon Hills, IL: 
199, Model AFE400 Ice Maker Manual

Undated Coldspot Refrigerator

Seary Manufacturing Corp., Endicott, NY:
Undate,  S-M Hand Easy

Shimadzu Seisakuso Ltd., Tokyo, Japan:
1967 Multipurpose Recording Spectrophotometer Model MPS-50L

Sigma Chemical Co., St. Louis, MO:
1990 The Source: Building a Serum Free Media, Fall
1991 The Source: Attachment Factors: Natural Substrata for Development & Tissue Architecture

Signal Analytics Corp., Vienna, VA:
Undated LabNotes, Vol. 5, No. 2

Simmon Omega, Woodside, NY: 
Undated D-2 and D-2V Series Enlargers

Simpson Electric Co., Elgin, IL:
1985 Operator’s Manual: Simpson 470 Digital Multimeter

Singer Co., Pickens SC: 
Undated ½ inch Electric Drill Model 5-302

Undated Microtome

Sola, Elk Grove Village, Illinois:
1978 Operating and Service Manual: Sola Minicomputer Regulators
1981 Operating and Service Manual: Sola Minicomputer Regulators

Solidyne, Inc., Brooklyn, NY: 
1975 Instruction Manual Sealomatic, Model 400-FS 25

Sony Corp., Japan: 
Undate, Videocorder Model EV-320

Sorensen, Norwalk, CT:
1964 Instruction Manual: QMA Series
1964 Instruction Manual: DCR Series DC Power Supplies

Sorvall ® Instruments, Wilmington, DE:
1977 Instruction Manual for the Sorvall RC2-B Automatic Superspeed Refrigerated Centrifuge
1980 Superspeed Fixed-Angle Rotor Manual
1983 Instruction Manual Sorvall Superspeed Angle Rotors GSA, GS-3, SA-600, SE-12, SM-24, SS-34
1985 RC5B Operating Instructions
1985 Instruction Manual: Forvall ® Superspeed Fixed-Angle Rotors
Undated Condensed Operating Instructions: Sorvall ® RC-5B Automatic Superspeed Refrigerated Centrifuge
Undated Sorvall ® RCF Chart (Relative Centrifugal Forces) RC-2, RC-2B, RC-5B, RC-5C Superspeed Centrifuge Rotors

South London Electrical Equipment Co. (SLEE), London, England:
1961 The “Pearse” Cold Microtome (Cryostat)
1964 The “Pearse” Cold Microtome (Cryostat), Type H

Sparrow, Orange, CA:
1994 VX2-350-SC-DF Mass Storage Subsystem Technical Info

Specialized Instruments Corp., Belmont, CA: (see also Beckman Instruments)
1953 SPINCO Ultracentrifuge Model E Technical Manual (see Beckman)

Spectral Instruments Inc., Tucson, AZ:
2000 800 Series Camera System User’s Manual
2000 800 Series Camera System Test Report
2001 SI Image SGL Software Users Manual

Spectrum, Houston, TX:
Undated, Centri/Por Centrifuge Concentrators 22090, 020692

Spencer Lens Co., Buffalo, New York:
1942 The Effective Use and Proper Care of The Microtome

Spex Industries Inc., Metuchen, NJ:
1966 The SPEX Speaker, Vol. XI, No. 1

Spinco Division, Beckman Instruments, Inc., Palo Alto, California: [see also Beckman] 
1962 Technical Bulletin: Installation of Teflon Tubing in Swivel Fitting Assembly,” A-TB-002
1963 Parts List for Beckman Accu-Flo Pump with Speedchanger
1964 Accu-Flo Pump Installation and Operating Instructions
1965 Model 120C Amino Acid Analyzer Instruction Manual,” by Hans Toepfer
1966 How to Make a Peptide Analysis with the Model 120C Amino Acid Analyzer
1967 How to Make a Physiological Fluid Analysis to Include the Separation of Glutamine and Asparagine with the Model 120C Amino Acid Analyzer
1967 Installation Instructions for Dual Reaction Coil in the Model 120C Amino Acid Analyzer
1985 Instructions for Using the Type 70.1 Ti Rotor in Beckman Class H, F,G Ultracentrifuges

Undated The S&S Elutrap for Isolation and Purification of Macromolecules

Staco Energy Products Co., Dayton, OH:
Undated, Installation & Operating Instructions: 1010, 1020, 1210, 1220 Series

Stratagene, La Jolla, CA:
1998 Strategies Newsletter, Vol. 11, No. 1

Supelco, Inc., Bellefonte, PA:
Undate, Carbopack, Chromocil and Carbosieve Conditioning Instructions

Superior Electric Co. (SECO), Bristol. CT:
Undated Installation-Operating Instructions: Powerstat Variable Transformers All Models, Types 116-216
Undated Characteristics of A/C Slo-Syn Synchronous Motors
Undated Instructions: Stabiline Automatic Voltage Regulators Type IE
Undated Instructions: Slo-Syn Translator Module Type STM101
Undated Instructions: Slo-Syn Preset Indexer Types SP153B and SP153BX
Undated Installation, Operation & Maintenance: Powerstat Variable Transformers
Undated Slo-Syn Synchronous Mother Type SS50-SS52

Sybron/Thermolyne, Dubuque, IA:
1979 Operating Instructions for Modular Dri-bath DB-16500
1983 Nuova II Stir Plate Type SP18400
1975 Nalgene Safety Shield
Undated Operating Instructions for Type 12600 Melting Point Apparatus

Sylvania:  Undated, Super 8 Sun Gun Movie Light Model SG-8

Systron-Donner Corp., Concord, CA: 
1968 SD 8150 Time Code Generator and Reader
1969 Model 8150 Time Code Generator/Reader for IRIG B

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