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this is the Operating Instructions, and Technical Bulletins Collection of the National Institutes of Health DeWitt Stetten Jr., Museum of Medical Research

Note: This list contains manuals for instruments not in the NIH Stetten Museum’s collection. To see if the instrument you are looking for is in the Museum’s collection and has a manual, please Search Our Collections. If you would like a copy of a manual, please contact the Curator at



Offner Electronics Inc., Schiller Park, IL:
1958 Offner Type 542 Dynograph Recording Assembly
1960 Instructions Offner Type 482 Power Amplifier
1961 Type RS Dynograph (see also Beckman Instruments Inc.)

Ohaus Scale Corp., Florham Park, New Jersey:
Undated Directions for Installation and Use 9014 Gas Cylinder Clamp
Undated Directions for Use and Maintenance: Ohaus Harvard Trip Balance

Omega Engineering Inc., Springdale, CT:
1960s Calibration Tables for Thermocouples
1980 Series 4000 Temperature Controllers

Omiya Photo-Supply Co., Tokyo, Japan:  Undated, Hansa Prima Color and Monochrome Enlarger

On-Line Instrument Systems (OLIS): 1992, The OLIS Spectroscopy Operating System User’s Manual version 14.05

Optical Cell Co., Inc., Kensington, Maryland: Undated, Cell Handling

Oriel Corp., Stratford, CT: 
1990 Series Q Convective Lamp Housing Model 60000 Manual

Orion Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts:
1978 Analytical Methods Guide,” 9th edition
1983 Instruction Manual: Ag/AgCl Glass pH Electrodes, Model 91-01, 91-02, 91-03, 91-04, 91-61, 91-62, 91-63, 91-64, 91-66
Undated Instruction Manual Model 101 Conductivity Meter

OSRAM, (Berlin, Germany):
1960s Xenon High Pressure Lamp XBO 150W
1965 Guide for the Design of Equipment for Xenon High Pressure Lamps XBO
Undated Instructions for Use of Mercury Super Pressure Lamp

Owens-Illinois, Toledo, OH: Undated, The O-I pH 2000 Planar Flow Module

Owl Scientific, Inc., Woburn, MA:
1994 The Easy-Cast ™ Horizontal Electrophoresis System, Models B1A, B1, B2, and B3
1994 The Centipede ™ Horizontal Electrophoresis System, Model D3
Undated The Panther Semi-Dry Electroblotter Manual for HEP-1

Oxford GlycoSystems, UK:  1994, GlycoFree Deglycosylation Kit K-500

Oxford Instruments Inc., Oak Ridge, TN: 1980s, TC 309/TC 310 Linear Gate & Stretcher

Oxford Laboratories, Foster City, CA:
1977 Micro-Doser: Piston and Barrel Assembly Soft System
Undated Single and Multi-Range Micro Pipetting Systems

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