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Narishige Scientific Instrument Lab, Tokyo, Japan:
Undated MMN-1 Three-Dimensional Manipulator Instruction Manual
Undated MMO-203 Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Micromanipulator Instructions
Undated IM-5A/B Microinjector Instructions
Undated PC-10 Micropipette Puller Instructions
Undated MNO-ADK Microscope Mounting Adaptor for Olympus CK-2 Microscope
Undated MNO-AD Microscope Mounting Adaptor for Olympus IMT-2 & CK-2 Microscope
Undated MF-90 Microforge Instructions
Undated Instruction MF-83 Microforge
Undated Instruction PP-83 Glass Microelectrode Puller

National Appliance Co. (NA), Portland, OR:
1963 Full View Vacuum Oven
Undated Incubator

National Biomedical Research Foundation, Washington, DC: 1995, ATLAS-User’s Guide

National Bureau of Standards, Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory, Washington, DC: 1953, “Direct-Indicating Recording Instruments,” by S.R. Gilford, (first published in Electrical Manufacturing, Nov/Dec 1953, pages 114-128)

National Cylinder Gas, Chicago, IL:  undated, Operating Instructions No. 4360 RECO Economizer

National Institutes of Health, Biomedical Engineering and Instrumentation Program, Bethesda, MD:
1980 Drawings: Fluorine Gas Target
1992 Operating Instructions for the PC-Based Differential Thermistor Bridge Thermometer

National Institutes of Health, Center for Information Technology, Bethesda, MD:
1998 JAVA

National Institutes of Health, Division of Computer Research and Technology, Bethesda, MD:
1975 Using the Princeton Statistical Package (PSTAT) at NIH
1978 A Primer for MLAB: On On-Line Modeling Laboratory
1983 MLAB: Some Easy Exercises to Teach You MLAB 2-D Graphics
1984 MLAB: Beginner’s Guide
1984 MLAB: Applications Manual
1984 DCRT Mathematical and Statistical Program Manual
1994 Overview of the GCG Package: Lecture Notes and Laboratory Manual

National Institutes of Health, Instrument Section, Bethesda, MD:
1959 Drawing: Microwave, Tunable Cavity Instrument (Dr. Robert Bowman, NHLBI)

National Institutes of Health, Laboratory of Technical Development, Bethesda, MD:
1984 SCAN an IEEE Bus Control Program for the IBM Personal Computer,” by David Ting
Undated Berger Calorimeter Operation Instructions

National Instrument Laboratories, Inc., Rockville, MD:
Undated Instruction Manual: N.I.L. Flame Photometer, Model 4-7000
Undated Instruction Manual: N.I.L.-Patwin Flame Photometer

National Instruments, Austin, TX: 1993, NB-A2000 User Manual

Neslab Instruments, Inc., Portsmouth, NH:
1970 Instruction Manual: PBC-4 Bath Cooler
1972 Instruction Manual for Thermostatic Baths and Circulators
1972 Instructions for Model PBC-4 Bath Cooler
Undated RTE-4 and RTE-8 Refrigerated Bath Circulators: Instruction and Operating Manual
Undated Ucool Instruction Manual UTC & UFA
Undated Exacal Bath Circulators, EndocalFlow Through Coolers, and Aerocool-100 Ambient Bath Cooler
Undated CFT Coolflow Recirculator Instruction Manual
Undated PBC 2 & PBC 4 Instruction Manual
Undated Instruction Manual for Tamson Baths

New Brunswick Scientific Co. (NBS), New Brunswick and Edison, NJ:
1950s New Brunswick Manifold Freeze Dryer Model B-67
1960s Operating Manual Gyrotory Incubator Shaker, Model G25
1960s Operating Manual: Controlled Environment Incubator-Shaker Model G26
1969 Rollacell Tissue Culture Apparatus Models RC41 & RC42
1987 Microgen (SF-116) Bench-Top Fermentor

New England Nuclear Corp., Boston, MA: Undated, Calibrate Gamma Reference Sources: Technical Data

New York Laboratory Supply Co. Inc. (NYLAB), New York, NY:  1954, U.S. Units of Measure and Conversion Factors

Nexus Research Laboratory, Inc., Canton, Massachusetts:
1963 All Silicon Solid-State Logarithmic Ratiometer,” Application Note, APP-12
1964 Logarithmic Amplifiers and Ratiometers,” Application Note, App-12A
1964 Preliminary Data: Logarithmic Ratio Module Type LGR-6

Nikon Corp., Tokyo, Japan:
1968 Repro-Copy Outfit Model PF Instructions
1969 Nikon F Instructions
1969 Nikon F Photography Guide
1969 Micro-Nikkor Auto 55mm f/3.5 Instructions
1969 Photomicrographic Dark Box M-35 S Instructions
1971 Microscope Model S-Ke (Coaxial Focusing Control Type) Instructions
1971 Microflex Model EFM Semi-Automatic Photomicrographic Attachment Instructions
1990 Instruction Manual Water-Jacketed Incubators, 3158/3164 Single Chamber, 3154/3166 Right-hand Swing Door, 3326/3336 Dual Chamber
1991 Stereoscopic Microscope SMZ-U Instructions
1991 Stereoscopic Microscope SMZ-U Accessories for Photomicrographing and TV Monitoring
1991 Stereoscopic Microscope SMZ-U  Diascopic Bright/Dark Field Stand
1994 Inverted Microscope TMS/TMS-F Instructions
Undated Microflex Model AFM Automatic Photomicrographic Attachment Instructions
Undated Nikon Photomic FTN Finder Instructions
Undated AF Nikkor 50 mm, f/1.8 Lens Instruction Manual

Norelco: Undated, “A High-Resolution PMR X-ray Microscope with Electron Microscope Conversion,” Irwin I. Bessen (Philips Electronics Inc.), reprint from the Norelco Reporter, Vol. IV, No. 6

Norgren, Littleton, CO:  1978, Designer Series ¼” Basic Filter

Novagen, Madison, WI:  1999, pET System Manual, 8th Edition

Novel Experimental Technology (NOVEX), San Diego, CA:
1997  Precast Gel Instructions
1999  Electrophoresis System Bis-Tris Gels Instructions
1999  Protocol Summary for NuPAGE Tris-Acetate Gels
1999  SeeBlue Plus2 Pre-Stained Standards
Undated   Xcell II Mini-Cell Instructions
Undated   Colloidal Coomassie Stain Instructions

Nuclear Chicago Corp., Des Plaines, IL:
1956 Operating and Maintenance Procedures: Model D47 Gas Flow Counter and Model T3 Time Delay
1957 Operating and Maintenance Procedures: Model C100A Actigraph II
1957 Operating and Maintenance Procedures: Model 186 Decard Scaler
1959 Experiment Manual: Model NH-3 Neutron Howitzer
1959 Experiment Manual: Student Training Reactor
1965 Operating Instructions Model 7150 Series Constant-Current Stimulator
ca. 1969 Storage and Stability of Compounds Labelled with Radioisotopes, Part II

NUNC, Denmark:
1984  Guide to Solid Phase Immuno Assays by Dr. U. Lovborg
1992   No. 10: Covalent Binding of DNA to CovaLink NH
1993  No. 11: Colorimetric Determination of Amino Groups of CovaLink NH Microwells
Undated Nunc Cryo System

Nupro Co., Willoughby, OH: 1972, Operating Instructions S Series Very Fine Metering Valves

Nycomed Pharma AS, Oslo, Norway:
1996  Centrifugation Techniques I: Nycodenz
1996  Centrifugation Techniques II: OptiPrep
1996  Centrifugation Techniques III: Isolation of Blood Cells
1995  Centrifugation Techniques IV: Isolation of Cells
1996  Centrifugation Techniques V: Isolation of Cell Organelles
1997  Centrifugation Techniques VI: Isolation of Macromolecules and Viruses
1996  Centrifugation Techniques VII: Gradient Formation

Nyegaard & Co., Oslo, Norway: 1982, Nycodenz: The Autoclavable, Universal Centrifugation Medium

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