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this is the Operating Instructions, and Technical Bulletins Collection of the National Institutes of Health DeWitt Stetten Jr., Museum of Medical Research

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MacMod Analytical Inc., Chadds Ford, PA: 1990, Forum: Practical Chromatographic Advice

Manostat, New York:
2000 Operating Manual: Manostate ® Varistaltic Pumps
Undated Operating Instructions: Varistaltic Pump–Junior Model

Marquette Metal Products Co., Cleveland, OH: 
Undated, Service Manual, Model CBP-6 Clutch & Actuator Assembly

Maser Optics, Inc., Boston: 1962, Series 500 Lightweight Laser Instruction Manual

Master Appliance Corp., Racine, WI:
1979 Operating Instructions: Varitemp Heat Gun, Models VT-750 & VT-752
1979 Master Heat Gun Operating and Maintenance Instructions: All ‘HG’ Models,” 1979.
Undated Master Heat Gun Instruction Manual

Matrix Technologies Corp., Hudson, NH: 
Undated   Installation Instructions for Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries
Undated   Matrix Impact and Impact Equalizer

Matheson Gas Products, East Rutherford, NJ:
1963 Instructions for the Matheson 665 Gas Proportioner Standard Unit
1978 Operation of Your New Gas Regulator
1982 Matheson Model 64-1000 Series Oxygen Removing Purifiers

MC/B Manufacturing Chemists, Norwood, OH:  1971, Spectroquality Solvents

McCracken Associates, Inc., Ossinging, NY: 1961, “A Guide to FORTRAN Programming,” Daniel D. McCracken, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (New York)

McKesson Appliance Co., Toledo, Ohio: 1947, Directions for the Use and Care of McKesson Recording Metabolor, Model 175

Medical-Electronics Development Co., Great Neck, NY:
1955 “Infraton” Sphygmograph Systems: Indirect Blood Pressure Measurement
1955 “Infraton” Sphygmograph Systems: Pulse Wave Recording
1955 “Infraton” Sphygmograph Systems: Electrical Pulse Oscillographs

Medtronic, Inc.: Minneapolis, MN: 1973, Myocardial Pacing Leads for Implantable Pulse Generators Models 6913 & 5815 Leads

Melpar: 1962, Technical Note: Evaporated Thin Film Thermocouples

The Meriam Co., Cleveland, Ohio: 1938, The Manometer and Its Uses,” by J.B. Meriam

Merck: Undated, Directions for Use: Liquid Chromatography with Pre-Packed Columns

Metal Hydrides Inc., Beverly, MA:
1950s General Catalog of Technical Bulletins
1959   Sodium Hydride Dispersed in Oil:  A Manual of Techniques
1959   The Borohydrides in Cellulose and Sugar Chemistry
1960s The Mixed Hydrides” Mark N. Rerick

Mettler, Switzerland:
1988, Technical Specifications and Accessories: AT Balances
Undated  Electronic Balances PL200/PL200-02, PL1200/PL1200-02
Undated  PL200/PL1200 Electronic Balance

MGR Equipment Corp., Inwood, New York: Undated, Technical Manual for Refrigerator, Model ER-5-368E

Micro Networks Co., Worcester, MA: Undated, MN5282 High Speed 16-Bit A/D Converter

Micromedic Systems, Inc., Durham, NC: Undated, Automated Pipetting Station Operating Manual

Micro/Sys, Glendale, CA: 1999, Bolt-In Computer Controller Handbook

Microtek Lab, Inc.: 1994, How to Calibrate Your Microtek Color Scanner Using DCR

Microtech Services, Co., Berkeley, CA: Undated, Instruction Book: Ultramicrobalance, Rodder Model E

Miles Hivolt Ltd.:  1964 Miles High Voltage Electrophoresis

Miller Technology: Undated, Drawing: MCPU-800

Millipore Corp., Bedford, MA:
1964 Operating and Maintenance Instructions: Pyrex Microanalysis Filter Holder
1964 Micro-Syringe Filter Holder
1969 Application Notes, Sterile Filtration of Serum and Tissue Culture Medium
1969 Application Notes, Membrane Concentration of Gel Permeation Chromatography Eulates
1969 Application Notes, Sterilizing Air Vent Filters
1973 Rapid Filtration & Processing of Multiple Samples with the 3025 Sampling Manifold
1973 Simplified Quick-Count Method for Microbiological Control in Food Processing
1995  Immobilon-P Transfer Membrane User Guide
1997  Protein Blotting Applications Guide
1997 Pellicon ® XL Gauge Kit Installation Instructions
1999  MultiScreen Separations System User Guide
1999 Technical Brief: Protein Concentration & Diafiltration by Tangential Flow Filtration
1999 Stirred Ultrafiltration Cells Models 8003, 8010, 8050, 8200, 8400
1999 Mini-Reservoir RC800 User Guide
2000 Ultrafiltration Membranes Operating Instructions
2001 Pellicon ® CL Operating Instructions
2001 Centricon ® Centrifugal Filter Devices
2004 Protein Blotting Handbook

Minco Products Inc., Minneapolis, MN: 1989, Thermofoil Heaters

Minolta Corp., Osaka, Japan:
Undated MARS Controller 1 Operator’s Manual
Undated Roll Film Carrier 6 Operator’s Manual
Undated RP505 Operator’s Manual

Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co., Philadelphia: 1950s, Service Manual 15019 M: For Class 15 Electronik Instruments Precision Indicator, Circular Chart and Strip Chart Types

Mixing Equipment Co. Inc., Rochester, NY: 1979, Instructions: Series 20 Variable Speed Drive

MJ Research Inc., Watertown, MA:
1992 PTC-100 Programmable Thermal Controller, Models 60, 96, 96V, Version 5.2
1993 The Hot Bonnet ™ Heated Lid Accessory for the PTC-100 Thermal Cycler, Version 2.0
1997 PTC-100 Thermal Cycler Operations Manual, Version 7.0
Undated PTC-100 Programmable Thermal Controller Operation

Molecular Devices, Corp.:
2003   DNA Analysis on Spectramax Plus and Spectramax 190 Microplate Readers
Application Note:
Undated  Note 25: Making optical density measurements…Spectramax Plus
Undated  Note 28: Verifying multichannel pipettor performance…Spectramax Plus
Undated  Note 33: DNA & RNA Measurements in Spectramax Spectrophotometers

Molecular Probes, Eugene, OR: 1996, Product Information Sheet: SlowFade ™ Antifade Kits

Molecular Dynamics, Sunnyvale, CA: 1996, Fluorescence Imaging Applications Guide

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