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this is the Operating Instructions, and Technical Bulletins Collection of the National Institutes of Health DeWitt Stetten Jr., Museum of Medical Research

Note: This list contains manuals for instruments not in the NIH Stetten Museum’s collection. To see if the instrument you are looking for is in the Museum’s collection and has a manual, please Search Our Collections. If you would like a copy of a manual, please contact the Curator at



L & R Manufacturing Co., Kearny, NJ: Undated, The Maxomatic

Labconco Corp., Kansas City, MO: Undated, Labconco Valves ½" and 3/4"

LabIndustries (L/I), Berkeley, California:
1978 L/I Repipet Dispenser Instructions
1978 Universal Repipet Dispenser and Dilutor Instructions
1987 Instructions: LabQuake ® Shaker

Lab-Line Instruments Inc., Melrose Park, IL:
1971 Instruction Manual Lab-Line Temp-Blok Module Heaters
1983 Operation Manual: Temp-Blok Module Heater, Models H2025-1, H2025-5
1991 Lab-Line Plant Growth Chamber Models 848, 848-1, 848-2
1997 Operation Manual: Multi-Blok ® Module Heaters
1998 Operation Manual: Explosion-Proof, Flammable Material Storage & General-Purpose Laboratory Refrigerators, Refrigerator/Freezers, and Freezers
Undated Lab-Line Explosion Proof Refrigerators and Freezers

Labsystems OY, Helsinki, Finland: Undated, The Finnpipette: Instructions for Use

Ladd Research Industries, Inc., Burlington, VT: 1970s, Shielded Double Source Evaporation Unit Instructions

Lambda Electronics Corp., Huntington, NY:
Undated: Instruction manual for Regulated Power Supply Models 25, 28
Undated: Preliminary Instruction Manual for Regulated Power Supplies Model LA 200-03A and LA 200-03AM

Lauda: Undated, Operating Instructions for Lauda Refrigerating Circulators

Lazar Research Laboratories, Inc.:
1999 The pH Primer

LeCroy, Chestnut Ridge, NY:
1969 Basic CAMAC Dataway Operating Information
1982 CAMAC Model 3587 Data Router, Formerly 8701
1982 CAMAC to GPIB Interface Model 8901
1982 CAMAC Model 2323 Dual Gate and Delay
1982 CAMAC Models MM8201 & MM8206 Dual Port Memory Modules
1982 Model TRA1000T Charge/Current Pulse Preamplifier
1983 CAMAC Model 3588 Histogramming Memory Module, Formerly 8810
1983 Model 688AL Level Adapter
1983 NIM Model 821 Series Quad Discriminators 821, 821Z, 821BLP
1983 Model 429A Logic Fan In/Fan Out
1983 CAMAC Model 4301 Fast Encoding & Readout ADC (FERA) System Driver
1983 CAMAC Model 2551 12-Channel 100 MHz Scaler
1984 Model 612A/AM, VV100B, VV100BTB, VV101A, VV101ATB Linear Amplifiers
1984 Model 1434 High Power CAMAC Crate, Model 1034P Super Power CAMAC Supply
1984 CAMAC Model 3512 and 3515 High Performance Buffered Spectroscopy ADC
1984 2249A, 2249SG and 2249W 12-Channel ADC
1984 Using the 3588 Data Bus
1984 Model 4501A CAMAC-NIM Adapter
1984 CAMAC ECLINE Model 4302 Triple Port Fast Memory Unit
1985 CAMAC Model 3511 & 3512 High Performance Spectroscopy ADC
1986 CAMAC Model 4300B 16-Channel, Fast Encoding & Readout ADC (FERA)
1989 Model 222/222N Dual Gate Generator
1989 CAMAC Instrument Mainframes Models: 8013A, 1434A, and 8025
1994 Model 622 NIM Logic Unit
1995 MQT300 & 1877S On-Chamber, Time Marking, ADC System
1995 CAMAC Model 4303 Time to FERA Converter (TFC)
1995 CAMAC ECLine Model 4516 16-Channel, 3-Fold Programmable Logic Unit
1995 Model 1190 VME Dual Port Memory
1995 1454/1458 HV Mainframe User’s Guide V2.62
1995 Model 1461 High Voltage Module
1996 Model 3377 32-Channel CAMAC TDC

Leedal, Chicago, IL: 
1984  Series 4629 Temperature Control Thermostatic Water Mixers

Leeds & Northrup Co., Philadelphia:
1956 Testing and Servicing Standard Level Amplifiers Used in Speedomax G Instruments
1957 Parts List for Speedomax G, Model S 60,000 Series
1957 Drawing No. H-101039: Suppression Control and Scan Speed Control for The Recording Spectrometer
1957 Drawing No. SSS-663-C-17: Special Potentiometer Circuit for Catalog 69800-B45-742 Recorder
1957 Supplementary Information: Electronic Equipment for Process Control
1958 Drawing No. SSS-663-C-18: Special Potentiometer Circuit for Catalog 69800-B45-742 Recorder with Standardization
1958 Thermoelectric Thermometry,” by Paul H. Dike
1958 “Measuring Instruments: A Measure of Progress,” I. Melville Stein
1959 Drawing No. SSE-611-A-24: Meas. & Motor Circuit for Type G EMF Recorder with Low MV Range
1975    Electrode Holder Kit
1970s   7415 Research pH Meter
Undated Directions for Micromax Recorders, Model S, 40000 Series: Direction Book Std. 1235
Undated Directions for No. 2430 D-C Galvanometer, Direction Book 77-6-4-6
Undated Directions for Galvanometer Used with Micromax Mechanism: Direction Book Std. 11212
Undated Daily Chart Device for 40000 and 60000 Series Recorders
Undated No. 9905 Speedomax G Servicing Equipment
Undated Directions for Speedomax Type G Recorders, Model S 60000 Series, Direction Book 77-10-5-1
Undated 124145 Parts Kit for Adding Semi-Automatic Current Adjuster to 69800-B45-742 Speedomax Recorder (Perkin-Elmer Corp.)
Undated No. 62200 Electro-Chemograph Recording Assembly
Undated Supplementary Information for Speedomax G Instruments
Undated Directions: Thermocouple Welding
Undated 7592 DC Volt Box
Undated 7553-5 and 7553-6 Type K-3 Universal Potentiometers
Undated 117233 and 1244138 Miniature pH Electrode Assemblies
Undated DC Volt Boxes, 7582, 7592, 7593

Leica, Deerfield, IL: 1998, Leica M-Series Stereo-microscopes User Manual

Leitz (See Ernst Leitz)

Lektra Laboratories, Inc., New York, NY: 1960, Decade Interval Timer, Model TM-8

Lepel High Frequency Laboratories, Inc., Woodside, New York:
late 1960s High Frequency Heating Review,” Vol. 1, Nos. 1-16
 Vol. 2, Nos. 1-6
 Vol. 3, Nos. 1 and 2

Leybold, Cologne, Germany: Undated, Directions for Use: Gas Ballast Pumps

Lindberg (a unit of General Signal), Watertown, WI:
1978 Lindberg Digital Temperature Controller Model 1003
1979 Installation, Operation and Maintenance: Type 54231 Tube Furnace
1979 Instructions: Control Consoles Models 59344 & 59544

Lindburg Enterprises, Inc., San Diego, CA:
1981 Quick Reference Operator’s Guide: ChronTrol ® “CD” Models
1986 Installation ChronTrol ® Table Top AC Outlet, 2 & 4 Outlet Models

Linear Instruments Corp., Irvine, CA: 1970s, Operating Instructions 141/142 Recorders

Linseis Inc., Princeton Junction, NJ: Undated, Instruction Manual: Flat-bed Recorders, Series L 6012, L 6512, L 6514, L 6522

List-Electronic, Germany: undated, Operation Manual Extracellular Patch Clamp System, L/M EPC-5

LKB, Bromma, Sweden:
1970 Acta Ampholinae No. 7
1970 Acta Ampholinae No. 8
1970 LKB 7000 UltroRac Fraction Collector Spare Parts Catalogue
1970 LKB 7000 UltroRac Fraction Collector Instruction Manual
1972 Science Tools, The LKB Instrument Journal,” Vol. 19, No. 1
1976 Instrument Manual: LKB 2112 RediRac
1977 Instrument Manual: LKB 2210 Potentiometric Recorder
1979 Science Tools: The LKB Instrument Journal, Vol. 26, No. 1
1979 Science Tools: The LKB Instrument Journal, Vol. 26, No. 2
1979 Science Tools: The LKB Instrument Journal, Vol. 26, No. 3
1979 Science Tools: The LKB Instrument Journal, Vol. 26, No. 4
1980 Science Tools: The LKB Instrument Journal, Vol. 27, No. 1
1981 LKB 2202 UltroScan Laser Densitometer
1982 Science Tools: The LKB Instrument Journal, Vol. 29, No. 1
1983 LKB 2220 Recording Integrator Service Manual
1983 LKB 2220 Recording Integrator Instrument Manual
1983 Science Tools: The LKB Instrument Journal, Vol. 30, No. 1
1984 LKB 2190-001 GelScan Interface and Software Package for 2202 UltroScan Program Manual
1985 Ultrospec ® II Instruction Manual, 4050/4051/4052/4070
1985 Instruction Manual: Ultrospec II, 4050/4051/4052/4070
1985 Instruction Manual: LKB 2138 Uvicord S
1985 Science Tools: The LKB Instrument Journal, Vol. 32, No. 1
1985 Science Tools: The LKB Instrument Journal, Vol. 32, No. 2
1986 Science Tools: The LKB Instrument Journal, Vol. 33, No. 1
1986 Science Tools: The LKB Instrument Journal, Vol. 33, No. 2
1986 LKB 2190 GelScan Interface and Software Package for LKB UltroScan Densitometers
1987 Science Tools: The LKB Instrument Journal, Vol. 34, No. 1
1987 Instruction Manual LKB 2301 Macrodrive 1 Power Supply
1987 Instruction Manual LKB 2015 Pulsaphor System
Undated Foolproof Demo Methods #1-3, 2202 to 2210
Undated LKB 2070 UltroRac ® II
Undated  Spare Parts Catalog, 2152-020 LC Controller

Loctite Corp., Newington, CT:
1992 Material Safety Data Sheet: Silicone
1992 Technical Data Sheet Product 609: Retaining Compound 609

Ludlum Measurements, Inc., Sweetwater, TX: 1986, Manual: Model 2 Survey Meter

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