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this is the Operating Instructions, and Technical Bulletins Collection of the National Institutes of Health DeWitt Stetten Jr., Museum of Medical Research

Note: This list contains manuals for instruments not in the NIH Stetten Museum’s collection. To see if the instrument you are looking for is in the Museum’s collection and has a manual, please Search Our Collections. If you would like a copy of a manual, please contact the Curator at



John Fluke Manufacturing Co., Seattle, WA:
1973 8000A Digital Multimeter
1982 8060A Digital Multimeter Instruction Manual

Jorway Corp., Westbury, NY: Undated, User’s Manual: Model 73A, 73A-1 SCSI BUS CAMAC Crate Controller

Jule Inc., New Haven, CT:
1984 Gradient Former Instruction Manual
1991 Instruction Manual: Jule Gels ™ Precast Polyacrylamide Gels, Linear Gradient and Non-Gradient, Mini, Preformed Wells, Large

Jung, Heidelberg, West Germany:  Undated, Operating Instructions Automatic Knife Sharpener

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