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Haake:  undated, Operating Manual 101—Circulators Series F

Hamamatsu, (Japan):
1985 Characteristics and Use of Deuterium Lamps
1985 Deuterium Lamp Regulated Current Power Supply Instruction Manual
1987 Deuterium Lamps, UV Light Sources for Spectroscopy
1989 Tentative Data 5” Dia. Position-Sensitive Photomultiplier Tubers R3292 Series
1989 Position-Sensitive Photomultiplier Tube Type R3941
1990 4 CH Preamplifier for Position Sensitive Photomultiplier Tube
1993 Position-Sensitive Photomultiplier Tube Type R2487

Hamilton Co., Reno, Nevada:
Undated Suggestions for the Use of Hamilton Microliter Syringes
Undated Threaded Plunger Syringe 87000

Hammarlund Mfg. Co., New York:
1956 General Purpose Communications Receiver Model SP-600-JX and Model SP-600-J

Hammond Manufacturing, Ontario: 1999, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Guide for Indoor Ventilated Dry Type Distribution Transformers

Hanovia Chemical & Mfg Co., Newark, NJ: June 1937, The Quartz Lamp, Vol. g. XIII, No. 7

Harshaw Chemical Co., Solon, OH:
1960s NB-11 Preamplifier
1979 Instruction Manual: Model NB-15X Plug-On Preamplifier
1983 Instruction Manual: Model NA-23 Stabilized AMP/SCA

Harvard Apparatus, Millis, MA:
1982 Instruction Manual for Model 552 Pump Speed Modulator
1985 Stainless Steel Syringes
Undated Infusion-Withdrawal Pumps Series 900, 930, 940 & 950; Standard Capacity Series 2200, 915 & 955, High Capacity
Undated Compact Syringe Pump Operating Instructions

Haskris Co., Elk Grove Village, IL: 1974, Mechanically Refrigerated Closed Circuit Water

Hathaway Instrument Co., Denver, Colorado:
1951 Instruction Book: Type S-14C Oscillograph
1953 Hathaway Shunt-Resistor Units, Sheet 5
1953 Drum-Type Record Magazine and High-Speed Shutter Attachment, Sheet 3
1954 Automatic Transient-Recording Attachments for Type S14-C Oscillographs, Sheet 10
1954 Synchronous Time Marker Attachments for S14-C Oscillographs, Sheet 2
1954 Engineering News, Vol. 4, No. 3, 3rd Quarter

Hausser Scientific, Blue Bell, PN: 1973, Directions for Use of Hausser & Levy-Hausser Hy-Lite Corpuscle Counting Chamber

Heath Co., Benton Harbor, MI:
1966 Multi-Speed Chart Drive, Model EUA-20-26
1967 Multi-Speed Chart Drive, Model EUW-20A and EUW-20AE
1967 Assembly Manual Solid State VOM Model IM-25
1968 Binary Information Module, Model EU-801-12
1968 Three Module Cabinet, Model EU-800-RC
1968 NAND Gate Card, Model EU-800-JC
1968 Quad J-K Flip-Flop Card, Model EU-800-CC
1969 Digital Power Module Model EU-801-11
1960s Patch Plugs, Model EU-50-HB
1960s 10-Bit D/A Converter, Model EU-800-GC
1960s Dual Comparator, Model EU-800-HC
1960s Gated Driver, Model EU-800-JL
1960s Quad Monostable, Model EU-800-LB
1960s Dual Octal Decoder, Model EUL-800-SA
1960s I/O Patch, Model EU-801-21
1970 Auxiliary Module, Model EU-801-14
1972 Computer Interface ADD Model EU-801E
1973 Model SP-17A Regulated High Voltage Power Supply
1976 Tri-Power Supply Model SP-2718
Undated 12-Bit Data Latch, Model EU-800-FA

Heathkit Co., Benton Harbor, MI: 
1968 In-Circuit/Out-of-Circuit Transistor Tester Model IT-18

Heico, Delaware Gap, PA:  Undated, Technical Bulletin 88 for the Photographic Scientist

Hermle Labortechnik, Germany:
1993 Bench Top Refrigerated Centrifuge Z382K

Heto Lab Equipment A/S, Denmark:
1989 Instruction Manual for Hetosicc Freeze Dryer Type CD 2,5
1990 Instruction Manual for Hetovac VR-1, Model VR-1/120/240
2002 Instruction Manual VR Mini/Maxi Vacuum Concentrator
2002 Instruction Manual CT 110 Cooling Trap

Hewlett Packard Co., (Palo Alto, CA):
1957 560A Digital Recorder
1958 425A Microvolt-Ammeter Operating and Servicing Manual
1959 Operating and Service Manual: 721A Power Supply
1963 Operating and Service Manual: 1400A Differential Amplifier
1968 Hewlett-Packard Journal,” Vol. 19, No. 9
1968 Hewlett-Packard Journal,” Vol. 19, No. 8
1968 Operating and Service Manual: DC Preamplifier Input Module, 17171 A
1968 Signal Analyzer 5480A Operating and Service Manual
1970 Volume I: Signal Analyzer System 5480A/B
1970 Operating and Service Manual Low-Pass Filter 5489A
1971 Laser Interferometer System 5525A (Temporary)
1972 Operating and Service Manual: Patient Monitor 7830A
1972 9830A Calculator, Model 30, String Variables ROM for 11274B & Option 274
1973 9830A Calculator, Model 30, Simplified Operating Instructions
1973 9830A Calculator, Model 30, Operating and Programming
1973 9830A Calculator, Model 30, Matrix Operations Rom for 11270B & Option 270
1975 8930A Calculator 11289B Advanced Programming II Rom
1976 Analytical Advances
1976 Digital Multimeter 3476A
1981 Operator’s Manual: HP 8450 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
1981 SID (Scientific Instruments Division) Newsletter
1987 HP 8904A Multifunction Synthesizer Basic Operation and Application
1987 Product Note 8904-A-1 Communications
1987 Product Note 8904-A-2 Audio
1987 Technical Data: HP 8904A Multifunction Synthesizer
1990 Guide Book for HP 1040M, Series II Diode-Array Detector
1990 Peak
1991 Peak, No. 1
1991 Peak, No. 2
Undated A Pocket Guide to Hewlett-Packard Computers
Undated Instruction Manual for Model 212A Pulse Generator, Serial 1439 and Above
Undated HP 1100 Series Modules and Systems for HPLC
Undated Voltage-to Temperature Conversion

Hickok Electrical Instrument Co., Cleveland, Ohio:
Undated MX 331 Preliminary Manual: Digital Multimeter

Hoefer Scientific Instruments, San Francisco, CA:
1980s   Instruction Manual for Vertical Slab Gel Electrophoresis Units SE 600, SE 620, SE 700
1980s   Basic Techniques and Exercises in Electrophoresis
1985 PR 200 Deca-Probe Operating Instructions
1985 The Hoefer Plate Mate, SE 100 Operating Instructions
1985 Operating Instructions: Hoefer Rocker Platform
1986 Instructions for the HE 99
1987 Instruction Manual for Mighty Small II Slab Gel Electrophoresis Unit SE 250
1991 Instructions Transphor Units TE 42, TE 52X, TE 62, TE 62X, and TE 50X Power Lid
1994 Protein Electrophoresis Applications Guide
1994 Mighty Small ™ Transphor Tank Transfer Unit Instructions
Undated Instruction Manual Vertical Slab Gel Electrophoresis Units SE 600, 620 and 700
Undated GS 300 Densitometer Operating Instructions

Honeywell, Philadelphia, PA and Fort Washington, PA:
1968 ElectroniK One-Eleven Single Pen Strip Chart Recorder
1969 Instructions Packard Strip Scanner Recorder
Undated Type 153 Electronik Duplex Recorder
Undated 7600 Tape Recorder Operations Procedure (typewritten)
Undated Techniques for Inking

Hotpack Corp., Philadelphia, PA:  1966, Chromatography Oven

Houston Instrument, Austin, Texas:
1997 Instructions for the A-9-A Accu-Span Variable Input Adapter
Undated OmniScribe B-5000 Strip Chart Recorder Instruction Manual
Undated OmniScribe B-5000 Instruction Manual Supplement

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