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this is the Operating Instructions, and Technical Bulletins Collection of the National Institutes of Health DeWitt Stetten Jr., Museum of Medical Research

Note: This list contains manuals for instruments not in the NIH Stetten Museum’s collection. To see if the instrument you are looking for is in the Museum’s collection and has a manual, please Search Our Collections. If you would like a copy of a manual, please contact the Curator at



Gardner Laboratory Inc., Bethesda, MD: Undated, Manual 101-A Haake Circulators Series F

Gast Manufacturing Corp., Benton Harbor, Michigan: 1978, Parts List and Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Models 0211-V36A, 0211-P38 Motors

GCA/Precision Scientific Group, Chicago, IL: Undated, Operating Instruction for Power Jack

General Electric, Milwaukee, WI:
1963 Dental Refrigerated Water Cooler Direction 12247A
Undated Operation: GE Mechanical Interval Timer

General Hardware Products Co., Inc., Hartford, Connecticut: Undated, General Use and Care: Capper/Corker Model 1500-C

General Radio Co., Cambridge and West Concord, Massachusetts:
1951 Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Type 1800-A Vacuum-Tube Voltmeter
1951 Operating Instructions for Type 805-C Standard-Signal Generator
1952 Operating Instructions for Type 736-A Wave Analyzer
1952 Operating Instructions for Type 1213-A Unit Crystal Oscillator
1953 Operating Instructions for Type 1212-A Unit Null Detector
1954 Operating Instructions for Type 1203-A Unit Power Supply
1963 Engineering Department Instrument Notes, IN-03
1963 Handbook of High-Speed Photography
Undated Operating Instructions for Type 1205-A Unit Power Supply, Type 1206-A Unit Amplifier, Type 1207-A Unit Oscillator
Undated Assembly Instructions Type 874-B, C or C8 Cable Connector
Undated Operating Instructions: W10 Variac Autotransformers with Duratrak Coating Process

General Scanning, Watertown, MA: 
Undated    ScanArray Technical Note #100: Confocal Scanning and Artifact Rejection for Microarrays
Undated    ScanArray Technical Note #200:  High Resolution Imaging for Accurate Microarray Quantitation

Genomyx Corp., Foster City, CA:  Undated, genomyxLR Programmable DNA Sequencer Operating Manual

George A. Philbrick Researches, Boston: 1963, Model PR-30 Regulated Dual Power Supply, GAP/R Model PR-30

Gilford Instrument Laboratories, Inc., Oberlin, OH:
1968    Micro-Sample Spectrophotometer 300-N, Data Lister 4006, and Rapid Sampler 2443
1969    Automatic Recording Photometer 2000
1969    Spectrophotometer 240
1969    Spectrophotometer 2400
1969    Price List
1970   Instruction Manual Micro-Sample Spectrophotometer 300-N
1970    Operator’s Manual Data Lister 4008
1974    Model 230 Spectrophotometer
1974    Model 2520 20 Centimeter Gel Scanner
1974    Model 2527 Thermo-Programmer
1974    Model 2580 Density Gradient Analyzer
1974    Model 203 Flow Through Cuvettes
1974    Model 410 Digital Absorbance/Concentration Meter
1974    Model 2410-S Linear Transport
1974    Model 2414 Vertical Indexing Film Adapter
1974    Model 2445 Spectro-Stir
1974    Model 531 Sample Programmer
1974    Model 533-1 Sample Programmer
1974    Model 2535 Reference Compensator
1974    Model 3017-T Thermo-Cuvette
1974    Model 4009 Data Lister
1974    Model 4014 Enzyme Concentration Calculator
1974    Model 6050 Recorder
1974    Flo-Kleen
1974    “Thermal Analysis of Biological Macromolecules in UV-VIS Spectrophotometers,” Stephen Douglass, American Laboratory
1975    Stasar I
1975    Stasar II
1975    Stasar III
1975    Gilford 250 Spectrophotometer
1975    Gilford Model 2400-2 Automatic Recording Spectrophotometer
1975    Model 2443-A Rapid Sampler
1975    Model 2450, 2451 Cuvette Positioners
1975    Gilford Spectrophotometers, Accessories, Systems
1975    Gilford Supplies and Disposables
1975    Progressive Automation 3400 Series
1975    The All-Purpose Micro-Chemistry Analyzer
1975    Cardiac Output System Model 140
1975    Model 6060 Automatic Dispenser
1975    Model 6065 Automatic Pipettor/Diluter
1975    Gilford Analyzer System Syva/EMIT Immunoassay
1975    Gilford Vptm System for Veterinary Methodologies
1975    Model 532-1 Sample Programmer
1975    Models 2470, 2470-A, 2475, 2475-A Five and Ten Centimeter Cuvette Compartments
1975    p/n 1365 Round Cuvette Holder
1975    Model 2428 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Cell
1975    Model 2220 Adapter
1975    Models 2530, 2535 Wavelength Scanner Reference Compensator
1975    “Standardization of Temperature, Absorbancy, and Wavelength Measurements in UV- VIS Spectrophotometry,” Stephen A. Douglass and Robert J. Emary
1978    Series 252 “New Life” Spectrophotometer Modernization Systems
1978    The Rapid Sampler
1978    Thermal Printer Model 4019
1978 Operator’s Manual 25036x4: Manual Cuvette Positioner 2450
1978 Operator’s Manual 25036x97: Thermal Printer 4019
Undated  Installation Instructions 2515x66 Retrofit Kit for Model 103-IR Cuvette Densitometer
Undated  Model 222 Spectrophotometer Update System
Undated  Preliminary Instruction Manual Model 530 Sampler
Undated  Selecting a UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Gilson Medical Electronics, Middleton, WI:
1961 Recording Ultraviolet Absorption Meters, UV-254, UV-265IF, UV-280IF
1962 Recording Ultraviolet Absorption Meters UV-254, UV-265IF, UV-280IF
1965 Directions for Operation of the Gilson Linear Fractionator
Undated, Clark Type Electrode Assembly for Gilson Oxygraph

Glas-Col Apparatus Co., Terre Haute, Indiana: 1978, Standard Heating Mantles Care and Operation

Glass Quar, Inc., Farmingdale, New York: Undated, Instructions: Heater

Gordinier Electronics Inc., Roseville, MI:
1970s Model 610 Liquid Nitrogen Battery Operated Low Level Alarm
1970s Model 4509 Liquid Level Controller

Gould Inc., Cleveland, OH:  1968, Mark 220 Recorder

Grass Instruments, Quincy, Massachusetts:
1967 Model C4 Camera
1974 Model PT 5 Volumetric Pressure Transducer
1980 Model VPG Visual Pattern Generator for Patterned Stimulation of the Visual System

Grass Valley Group, Inc., Grass Valley, CA: 
1970  Model 930 Video Insert Keyer Operating Instructions
1970  Model 900 Series Tray with Power Supply Drawings

Gruppo Montedison, Italy: Undated, MBA Microblood Analyzer

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