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this is the Operating Instructions, and Technical Bulletins Collection of the National Institutes of Health DeWitt Stetten Jr., Museum of Medical Research

Note: This list contains manuals for instruments not in the NIH Stetten Museum’s collection. To see if the instrument you are looking for is in the Museum’s collection and has a manual, please Search Our Collections. If you would like a copy of a manual, please contact the Curator at



Gardner Laboratory Inc., Bethesda, MD: Undated, Manual 101-A Haake Circulators Series F

Gast Manufacturing Corp., Benton Harbor, Michigan: 1978, Parts List and Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Models 0211-V36A, 0211-P38 Motors

GCA/Precision Scientific Group, Chicago, IL: Undated, Operating Instruction for Power Jack

General Electric, Milwaukee, WI:
1963 Dental Refrigerated Water Cooler Direction 12247A
Undated Operation: GE Mechanical Interval Timer

General Hardware Products Co., Inc., Hartford, Connecticut: Undated, General Use and Care: Capper/Corker Model 1500-C

General Radio Co., Cambridge and West Concord, Massachusetts:
1951 Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Type 1800-A Vacuum-Tube Voltmeter
1951 Operating Instructions for Type 805-C Standard-Signal Generator
1952 Operating Instructions for Type 736-A Wave Analyzer
1952 Operating Instructions for Type 1213-A Unit Crystal Oscillator
1953 Operating Instructions for Type 1212-A Unit Null Detector
1954 Operating Instructions for Type 1203-A Unit Power Supply
1963 Engineering Department Instrument Notes, IN-03
1963 Handbook of High-Speed Photography
Undated Operating Instructions for Type 1205-A Unit Power Supply, Type 1206-A Unit Amplifier, Type 1207-A Unit Oscillator
Undated Assembly Instructions Type 874-B, C or C8 Cable Connector
Undated Operating Instructions: W10 Variac Autotransformers with Duratrak Coating Process

General Scanning, Watertown, MA: 
Undated    ScanArray Technical Note #100: Confocal Scanning and Artifact Rejection for Microarrays
Undated    ScanArray Technical Note #200:  High Resolution Imaging for Accurate Microarray Quantitation

Genomyx Corp., Foster City, CA:  Undated, genomyxLR Programmable DNA Sequencer Operating Manual

George A. Philbrick Researches, Boston: 1963, Model PR-30 Regulated Dual Power Supply, GAP/R Model PR-30

Gilford Instrument Laboratories, Inc., Oberlin, OH:
1960       Operating and Maintenance: Models 103 and 103-IR Cuvette Densitometer
1960s     Instruction Manual: Model 104 Dye-Curve Computer, Model 104-A Mean Transit Time Computer
1960s     Operating and Maintenance: Model 105-S Constant Flow System
1960s     Operating and Maintenance: Series 120 Cardiotachometers and Model 121 Digital
                Display and Model 122 Meter Display
1960s     Operating and Maintenance: Model 1300 Computing Spirometer Flowmeter
1960s     Operating and Maintenance: Model 130 Computing Spirometer Flowmeter
1960s     Operating and Maintenance: Model 131 Spirometer Flowmeter
1964       Operating & Maintenance Manual: Model 209 Automatic Absorbance Readout
1965       Instruction Manual: Model 300 Micro-Sample Spectrophotometer
1965       Operating and Maintenance Manual for the Gilford 300 Micro-Sample spectrophotometer
1970       Instruction Manual Micro-Sample Spectrophotometer 300-N
1970       Operator’s Manual Data Lister 4008
1978       Operator’s Manual 25036x4: Manual Cuvette Positioner 2450
1978       Operator’s Manual 25036x97: Thermal Printer 4019
Undated  Installation Instructions 2515x66 Retrofit Kit for Model 103-IR Cuvette Densitometer
Undated  Preliminary Instruction Manual Model 530 Sampler
Undated  Operating & Maintenance Manual for Model 200 Multiple Sample Absorbance
Undated Operating & Maintenance Manual: Model 220 Absorbance Indicator and Model
                210 Automatic Cuvette Positioner
Undated  Operating & Maintenance Manual: Model 205 Light Source Stabilizer
Undated  Operating & Maintenance Manual: Model 207 Linear Thermosensor 

Gilson Medical Electronics, Middleton, WI:
1961 Recording Ultraviolet Absorption Meters, UV-254, UV-265IF, UV-280IF
1962 Recording Ultraviolet Absorption Meters UV-254, UV-265IF, UV-280IF
1965 Directions for Operation of the Gilson Linear Fractionator
Undated, Clark Type Electrode Assembly for Gilson Oxygraph

Glas-Col Apparatus Co., Terre Haute, Indiana: 1978, Standard Heating Mantles Care and Operation

Glass Quar, Inc., Farmingdale, New York: Undated, Instructions: Heater

Gordinier Electronics Inc., Roseville, MI:
1970s Model 610 Liquid Nitrogen Battery Operated Low Level Alarm
1970s Model 4509 Liquid Level Controller

Gould Inc., Cleveland, OH:  1968, Mark 220 Recorder

Grass Instruments, Quincy, Massachusetts:
1967 Model C4 Camera
1974 Model PT 5 Volumetric Pressure Transducer
1980 Model VPG Visual Pattern Generator for Patterned Stimulation of the Visual System

Grass Valley Group, Inc., Grass Valley, CA: 
1970  Model 930 Video Insert Keyer Operating Instructions
1970  Model 900 Series Tray with Power Supply Drawings

Gruppo Montedison, Italy: Undated, MBA Microblood Analyzer

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