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this is the Operating Instructions, and Technical Bulletins Collection of the National Institutes of Health DeWitt Stetten Jr., Museum of Medical Research

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Damon/IEC Division, Needham Heights, MA: 1977, Installation, Operation, and Service Manual for Clini-cool General Purpose Refrigerated Bench Top Centrifuge

Data Precision, Wakefield, MA: 1973, Miniature Tri-Phasic Digital Multimeter

Data Spectrum Corp., Hillsborough, NC:
1996 Defrise Phantom User’s Manual

Data Translation, Inc., Marlborough, MA:
1985 User Manual for DT2801 Series: Single Board Analog and Digital I/O System
1991 Global Lab Data Acquisition User Manual SPO147

David Kopf Instruments, Tujunga, CA: 
1997 Vertical Pipette Puller Model 720

Dayton Walther, Marvel Division, Richmond, IN:
Undated Owner’s Guide

Dharmacon, Lafayette, CO: 
2004 RNA Interference Technical Reference & Application Guide

DIAS Inc., Kalamazoo, MI:
1981 Accu-Pulse Dispensers Models BXV & BXV-P

DIFCO Laboratories, Detroit, MI:
1953 DIFCO Manual of Dehydrated Culture Media and Reagents for Microbiological and Clinical Laboratory Procedures

Digitmer Ltd., Hertfordshire, England:  1974, Digitimer D4030

Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC), Maynard, Massachusetts:
1968 Introduction to Programming
1970 PDP-8 Introduction to Programming
1970 PDP-8 Programming Languages
1971 PDP-8/e Small Computer Handbook
1974 Logic Handbook
1974 OS/8 Handbook
1975 PDP 11 Programming Card
1976 PDP8/e, PDP8/F, PDP8/M External Bus Options Maintenance Manual, Volume 3
1978 TECO Pocket Guide
1980 PDP-11 Keypad Editor Reference Card
1981 VT100 Programming Reference Card
1981 VT100 User Guide


Digital Scintigraphics, Inc. (DSI), Waltham, MA:
1996 Ceraspect Hardware Reference Manual
1996 Ceraspect Software Reference Manual

Dionex Corp., Sunnyvale, CA:
1982 Technical Note 1R: ...Replumbing Valves in the Series 2000i Ion Chromatographs
1984 QIC Pump Operator’s Manual

Disc Instruments, Inc., Santa Ana, CA: 
1969 Instruction Manual Series 200 Disc Integrator
Undated  Disc Integrator Pen and Inking System

Displaytech Inc., Boulder, CO: 
1994 DR50 FLC Driver

Dodge Manufacturing Corp., Mishawaka, IN:
1965 Parts Replacement Manual Torque-Arm Speed Reducers
1965 Instruction Manual for Dodge Torque-Arm Speed Reducers

Dow Chemical Co., Midland, MI:  1971, A Laboratory Manual for Ion Exchange

Drummond Scientific Co., Broomall, PA:
1991 Operating Instructions for the Drummond Pipet-Aid (All Models)
Undated Drummond Portable Pipet-Aid Battery Replacement
Undated Series 500 Digital Microdispenser

Dukane Corp., St. Charles, IL:  late 1970s, Operation Manual Ultrasonic Welder, Model 48A125

Du Mont Laboratories (see Allen B. Du Mont Laboratories)

DuPont Co., Wilmington, DE: 
Sorvall RCF Chart
1979  LSC Applications Notes #31-50: NEN Research Products
1985 Superspeed Fixed-Angle Rotor Manual for Sorvall Centrifuges
1985 RC5B Automatic Superspeed Refrigerated Centrifuge Operating Instructions

DuPont Instruments, Newtown, CT: (see also Sorvall ® Instruments)
1969 Bulletin S-30: Handling Fluorocarbon Solvents Safely
1980 Instruction Manual: Sorvall Superspeed Angle Rotors
Undated Nafion: Safety in Handling and Use
Undated Nafion: an Electrochemical Traffic Controller,” by Daniel J. Vaughan

Dwyer, Michigan City, IN: 
1984 Ratemaster Flowmeter

Dynair Electronics, Inc., San Diego, CA:  1968, Mini-3 (VA-203A) Mini-6 (VS-206A) Video Switchers Instruction Manual

Dynal, Lake Success, NY:
1995 Biomagnetic Applications in Cellular Immunology
1995 Biomagnetic Techniques in Molecular Biology

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