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this is the Operating Instructions, and Technical Bulletins Collection of the National Institutes of Health DeWitt Stetten Jr., Museum of Medical Research

Note: This list contains manuals for instruments not in the NIH Stetten Museum’s collection. To see if the instrument you are looking for is in the Museum’s collection and has a manual, please Search Our Collections. If you would like a copy of a manual, please contact the Curator at



Cahn Instrument Co., Paramount, CA:
1966 Instruction Manual for the Cahn Gram Electrobalance

Cambridge Instrument Co., Inc., New York:
1947 Instructions for the Use and Care of Electrokymograph
1955 Instructions: Research Model pH Meter
1986, Instruction Manual: Cryostat 2800 Frigocut-E
Undated Instructions: Portable Electrocardiograph ‘Simpli-Trol’ Model
Undated Instructions: ‘Simpli-Trol’ Model Portable Electrocardiograph and Portable Electrocardiograph-Stethograph-Pulse Recorder
Undated Instructions for the Use and Care of Cambridge Simpli-Scribe Model Portable Electrocardiograph
Undated Condensed Operating Instructions: Cambridge ‘Simpli-Trol’ Model Portable Electrocardiograph-Stethograph

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc., Andover, MA:
2002 NMR Solvent Data Chart

Canal Industrial Corp. (Canalco), Bethesda / Rockville, MD:
1966 Prep-Disc Electrophoresis
1966 The Model 12 System Instructions
1966 Canalco ‘Prep-Disc’ Electrophoresis Instructions
Undated Instructions for Canalco #1801 Quick Gel Destainer
Undated Pioneer X-Ray Microscope Conversion Kit for EMU-2 Instructions
Undated Externally Centerable Condenser Aperture
Undated Beam Deflection Focuser

Canberrra Industries, Inc., Meriden, CT:
1977 Instruction Manual: High Voltage Power Supply Model 3102
1977 Operator’s Manual: High Voltage Power Supply Model 3105
1979 Instruction Manual: Model 807 Pulser
1979 Operator’s Manual: Delay Amplifier Model 1457
1979 Instruction Manual: LIN/LOG Ratemeter Model 1481L
1979 Instruction Manual: Constant Fraction Time SCA Model 2035A
1979 Instruction Manual: Coincidence Analyzer Model 2040
1979 Instruction Manual: Logic Shaper and Delay Model 2055
1979 Instruction Manual: Nanosecond Delay Model 2058
1982 Operator’s Manual: Model 2012 Spectroscopy Amplifier
1982 Operator’s Manual: Dual Counter Model 2072
1982 Operator’s Manual: Counter Timer Model 2070
1983 GPIB Interface Model 3272/3572/4272
1983 Jupiter Computer Interface Operator’s Manual, Model 3271/3571/4271
1986 Operator’s Manual: Time Analyzer, Model 2143
1986 Operator’s Manual: Dual Counter Timer Model 2071A
1987 Operator’s Manual: Portable BIN/Power Supply Model 1000
1987 Operator’s Manual: Spectroscopy Amplifier Model 2022
1987 Operator’s Manual: 0-3 kV H.V. Power Supply Model 3002D
1991 User’s Manual: NIM Bin/Power Supply Model 2100
1993 User’s Manual: Model 2126 Constant Fraction Discriminator
1994 Model 3102D 0-2 kV HV Power Supply User’s Manual

Cannon Instrument Co., State College, PA:
1950s Instructions for the Use of the Cannon-Ubbelohde Four-Bulb Shear Dilution Viscometer

Carl Zeiss, West Germany:
1969 Photomicrographic Camera with Ikophot M Brief Instructions
1981 Microscopy from the Very Beginning
Undated  Spectrophotometer PMQ II Instructions for Use
Undated  Interference-contrast Equipment after Nomarski
Undated  Inverted Microscope Invertoscope D Operating Instructions

Clausing, Kalamazoo, MI: 
1969 Operating Instruction 12-Inch Lathes—5900 Series

1961Single Wall Drying Oven

Central Scientific Co., Inc., Chicago, IL:
Undated Direct Drive Vacuum Pumps 90703-001, 90703-111, 90700-001

Charles Beseler Co., Florham Park, NJ:
Undated Instructions for VU-Graph III Overhead Projector

Christian Becker, Clifton, New Jersey:
1952 The Care and Use of Analytical Balances

Chroma Technology Corp. Brattleboro, VT: 
1994 Handbook of Optical Filters for Fluorescence Microscopy

Ciba Co. Inc., Plastics Division, Kimberton, PN:
Technical Data Bulletin 20: Araldite 6005

Cincinnati Time Recorder:  Undated, Installation and Setting Instructions Cincinnati Clipper Recorder Model 3000 Series

Clarke Co., Roanoke, VA: 
Undated The Clarke Borderless Photo Easel

Clontech Laboratories, Inc., Palo Alto, CA: 
1984  Lambda Library Protocol Handbook
1999  TALON Metal Affinity Resins User Manual
2001 TALON Metal Affinity Resins User Manual
2001 Thiophilic Resin User Manual
Undated  Lambda Library Protocol Handbook
Undated  Mouse Embryo cDNA Library 5’ Stretch
Undated  Screening –phage cDNA Librarie with Oligonucleotide and DNA Probes

Cober Electronics, Inc., Stamford, Connecticut: 1981, Technical Manual: Operating Instructions, Maintenance, Parts Lists: Microwave Generator

Cobex Recorders Inc., Coconut Creek, FL: 
1999 Electronic 7-Day Circular Chart Temperature Recorder

Cole-Palmer Instrument Co., Chicago, IL:
1969 3rd Edition Instruction Manual for Single Speed Masterflex Tubing Pumps, Variable Speed Masterflex Tubing Pumps, Medical Masterflex Tubing Pumps, Servodyne/Masterflex Tubing Pump Kits, and Ultramasterflex Tubing Pumps

Coleman Instruments Inc., Maywood, Illinois:
1948 Operating Directions for the Model 17A Coleman Anoxia Photometer
1956 Operating Directions for the Coleman Electronic Power Supply
1958 Operating Directions for the Model 21 Coleman Flame Photometer

Comet Industries, Inc., Bensenville, IL: 
1967 Wiring Diagram for Lab-master
Undated Lab-Master Manual with Dual Platens with Pneumatic Operation

Commonwealth Technology Inc., Alexandria, VA:
1970s Quench Flow Apparatus
1982 Technical Manual for the Berger-Mudd Differential Batch Calorimeter, Model DBC-100
1993 Operation and Maintenance Instructions: DSFC-100 Differential Stopped-Flow Microcalorimeter with Titration Option
Undated Electrical Calibration of the Batch Calorimeter

Computer Boards, Inc., Mansfield, MA:
1990 CIO-CTR User’s Manual
1994 CIO-CTR User’s Manual

Comstock Inc., Oak Ridge, TN:
1980s Research Memo: Operation and Uses of Optical ‘Heat Pipes’

Condor Inc., Camarillo, CA: Undated, International Products Application Data DC Power Supplies

Conrac, Covina, CA: 
ca. 1964 Television Monitor Models CKD, CLD
ca. 1970 Television Monitor Model RND9

Consolidated Engineering Corp. (CEC), Pasadena, CA:
1955 Theory and Application of Recording Galvanometers
1955-56 CEC Recordings, Vol. 9, Nos. 4-7

Control Data Systems, Inc., Largo, MD:
1995 VistaCOM for Windows and Windows NT: PC Communications with VT220 & 4107 Terminal Emulation Reference Guide, Version 3
1995 VistaCOM for Windows and Windows NT: PC Communications with VT220 & 4107 Terminal Emulation User’s Guide, Version 3
1995 VistaCOM for Windows and Windows NT: PC Communications with VT220 & 4107 Terminal Emulation Connectivity Guide, Version 3

Cooke Laborator Products, Alexandria, VA:  1977, Autopipetter Model 222-1A Operation Manual

Cordis Corp., Miami, FL:
1991 Clinical Update: Rotablator Usage through an Extra Large Lumen 8F Guiding Catheter by Ian M. Penn, MD and Robert I.G. Brown, MD, Volume 2, No. 3
1991 Clinical Update: Stent Implantation Through an Extra Large Lumen 8F Guiding Catheter by Ian M. Penn, MD, and Robert I.G. Brown, MD, Volume 2, No. 4
1992 Clinical Update: Extreme Vessel Tortuosity During PTCA and Atherectomy by Roger Coletti, MD, Volume 3, No. 5
1992 Clinical Update: PTCA of a Complex Lesion: Dual Focal Stenoses Involving Aneurysmal Bend Segmentby Allan G. Adelman, MD and Eric A. Cohen, MD, Volume 3, No. 6
1992 Clinical Update: Atherectomy Procedures: A Case Review by Vidya S. Banka, MD, Volume 3, No. 7
1992 Clinical Update: Kissing Balloon Angioplasty Via an Extra Large Lumen 8 French Guiding Catheter by Mark A. Shima, MD, Volume 3, No. 10

Corning Glass Works, Corning, New York and Medford, MA:
1958 Directions for Filling Nos. 6950 and 6952 Pyrex Brand Manometers
1974 Combination Electrodes
1977 Calomel Reference Electrodes
1978 pH Meter 7 Instruction Manual
1978 pH Meters 125 & 130 Instruction Manual
1978 pH Electrodes
1982 Preparation and Maintenance Procedures PO2 Electrode
1983 120 pH Meter Instruction Manual
1984 Calomel Combination Electrodes
1986, Hot Plates and Stirrers General Information
Undated Operating Instructions: Hot Plates and Stirrers

Costruzioni Apparecchiature Elettroniche Nucleari (C.A.E.N.), Viareggio, Italy: 1992, Technical Information Manual, Model N-415/N-415-A, 8-CH. Autowalk CF Discriminator

Coulter Electronics, Inc., Hialeah, Florida and Cranford, NJ:
1968, Instruction and Service Manual for the Model B Coulter Counter
1967  Instruction & Service Manual for the Mean Cell Volume Computer & Hematocrit Computer with the Coulter Counter Model “F”n
Undated Particle Size Distribution Plotter Model H

Crawford Fitting Co., Solon, OH: 1972, Swagelock 100, 200 and 300 Series Tube Fittings

Undated  Cryo-Med Service Bulletin
Undated  Discussion of Cryo-Med Programmable Freezing System
Undated  Cryo-Med Programmable Freezing System

Curtin Matheson Scientific, Inc., Houston, TX: 1986, Operation Manual: Temp-Block Heater

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