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Bailey Instruments Inc., Saddlebrook, NJ:
1979    Operating Manual Digital Thermocouple Thermometer BAT-9
1979    Operating Manual Thermalert Monitoring Thermometer Model TH-6D

Baird-Atomic, Inc., Cambridge, MA: 1958, A Handbook for Scintillation Spectrometry

Bakelite Co., New York: undate, The ABCs of Modern Plastics

Baker Co., Inc., Biddeford, ME:  1970,Operation and Spare Parts Manual Biogard Hood Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation

Balston Inc., Lexington, MA: 1990, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Type 74-2061 & 74-5071 Clean Air Packages

Barber-Colman Co., Rockford, IL: 1965, Instruction Manual Capacitrols Models 292P, 293C, 297C

Barnstead, Boston, MA:
1970 TD-15 Thermodrive Distillation Systems Specification No. T1200
Undated  The Barnstead Book About Pyrogens, Grace D. Brown

Barnstead Still & Sterilizer Co., undated, Installation, Operation, and Maitenance Centrifugal Fans

Barnstead Thermolyne Corp., Dubuque, IL:
1988 Operating Instructions for Thermolyne CIMAREC Hot Plates
1988 Operating Instructions: LT314X1 Type 26100 “Speci-Mix” Aliquot Mixer

Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, New York:
1930 Research Microscope DDE
1950 Research Microscopes, Series R: Reference Manual
1951 Grating Monochromator
1951 Grating Monochromator (Fitted with 33-86-43 Condenser) for Ultra-Violet Microscopy
1952 Reference Manual: Grating Monochromator, Cat. No. 33-86-40-01
1967 Instructions: StereoZoom Series Microscopes
1967 StereoZoom Series Microscopes, 2nd edition
1969 Dynazoom & Dynoptic Microscopes,  5th edition
1960s Opacimeter, Cat. No. 33-88-12, Reference Manual
1960s Saccharimeter Reference Manual
Undated High Intensity Grating Monochromator Reference Manual & Operating Instructions
Undated StereoZoom Series Microscopes: Instruction Manual
Undated Abbe 3-L Refractometer 33-45-58 Dispersion Table, Series 510
Undated Instructions Abbe-3L  Refractometer
Undated Nicholas (Halogen) Illuminator Instruction Manual

Baxter Healthcare Corp., Miami, FL: 1988, Dimensional Rotator (30 RPM, 100 Angle)

Bay Engineering, San Francisco, CA: 1986, Instruction Manual: Gamma Camera Line Driver/Signal Conditioner

Bayley, Lebanon, IN: undated, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Centrifugal Fans

Bayley Instrument Co., Danville, CA:
Undated Bulletin 32: Precision Temperature Control

BBN Research Systems, Cambridge, MA:
1982 RS/1-Plus Reference Card

B. Braun Instruments, San Francisco, California:
1971 Operating Instructions: Thermomix Junior Immersion Thermostat
Undated Operating Instructions: Thermomix 1420, Models 1420 E and 1420 BKU

BD Biosciences, Palo Alto, CA:  2001, TALON Metal Affinity Resins User Manual

Beattie-Coleman Inc., Anaheim, CA: Undated, Operating Instruction Manual 877: Reflex CRT Photography and Director CRT Photography

Beckman Coulter, Fullerton, CA:
1999    Rotor Safety Guide: Warranty and Care
2000    Run Speeds for Stainless Steel Tubes
2000    Instructions for Using Tube Caps in Fixed Angle Ultracentrifuge Rotors
2004    Rotor Safety
2004    CD: Rotors and Tubes User’s Manuals
2004    Type 45 Ti Rotor
Undated  Optima Ultracentrifuge Performance Guide
Undated  Attention Beckman Avanti J Users Rotor Pin Problem

Beckman Instruments Inc., Fullerton or Irvine, CA (see also Spinco):
1950 Beckman Bulletin 150-D: Instructions for Servicing Beckman Models D and DU Spectrophotometers
1950 Operating Instructions: Beckman Quartz Spectrophotometer, Bulletin 91-G
1954 Instruction Manual Models DU and B Flame Spectrophotometers
1954 Instruction Manual Model DU Spectrophotometer
1955 Revision Sheet Model DU Spectrophotometer
1955 Installation Instructions 9175 VR Tube Modification Kit, Model B Spectrophotometer
1957 Model DU Spectrophotometer Revision Sheet
1957 Revision Sheet Model DU Spectrophotometer
1957 Revision Sheet: Beckman Model B Spectrophotometer
1958 Instruction Manual Power Supply for DU Spectrophotometers
1959 Instruction Manual: D.C. Breaker Amplifier, Model 14
1959 Model 210 Sample Injection Valve Instrument Manual
1961 Glass Electrodes (Silver-Silver Chloride Internals)
1963 Combination Electrodes (Glass-Reference)
1963 Model L Preparative Ultracentrifuge
1964 Instruction for the use of Beckman DB Spectrophotometer
1964 Fractions, No. 1
1964 Instruction Manual: Model E Analytical Ultracentrifuge
1964 Technical Bulletin E-TB-015B: Instructions for Using Multichannel Short-Column Equilibrium Centerpieces Model E
1964 Technical Bulletin E-TB-016: Instructions for Using the Model E Cell Torque Wrench
1964 Technical Bulletin E-TB-018: How to Use the Model E Rotor Torque Wrench
1964 Technical Bulletin E-TB-017: An-H Titanium Analytical Rotor: Specifications and Instructions for Use
1965 Technical Bulletin E-TB-013: Instructions for Using Model E Electronic Speed Control
1965 Technical Bulletin E-TB-005: Instructions for Using the Aluminum Double Sector Centerpiece in the Model E
1965 Technical Bulletin E-TB-014: How to Identify and Orient Model E Cell Windows
1965 Instruction Manual: Monochromator Accessory for the Model E Analytical
1965 Instruction Manual: Mask and Timer Accessory for the Model E Analytical
1965 Instruction Manual: Photoelectric Scanning System for the Model E Analytical
1965 Type 50 Rotor Specifications
1965 Type 40.2 Rotor Specifications
1965 Type 30.2 Rotor Specifications
1966 The Models L2-50 and L2-HV Preparative Centrifuge Instruction Manual
1967  Fractions, No. 3
1967 Type 42 Fixed-Angle Aluminum Rotor
1967  Type SW 41 Swinging-Bucket Titanium Rotor Instruction Manual
1968 Instruction Manual: Model L2-65B Preparative Ultracentrifuge
1969 Important Information on High-Force Rotor Tube Caps
1969 Type SW36 Swinging-Bucket Aluminum Rotor
1969 Using k and k’ Factors to Estimate Run Time
1970 Instructions Dynakrome Recorder Ink
1970 Type 15 Rotor Instruction Manual
1970s Applications Data: Use of the Airfuge EM-90 Electron Microscopy Particle Counting Rotor in Viral Research
1970s Beckman Scintillation Counter Instructions
1971 SW 25.1 Rotor in Class A,B,C,D,F,G,N,O,P or Q Preparative Ultracentrifuges
1971 Swinging-Bucket Type 25.2 Rotor in Class C,D,F, or G Preparative Ultracentrifuges
1971 Type 75 Ti Fixed-Angle Rotor for Model L2-75B Preparative Ultracentrifuge
1971 Type 60 Titanium Fixed-Angle Rotor for Class F,G, & Q Preparative Ultracentrifuge
1971 Type 50 Titanium Fixed-Angle Rotor Class B,C,D,F,G,O,P or Q Ultracentrifuge
1971 Type 42.1 Fixed-Angle Aluminum Rotor for Class B,F, or G Ultracentrifuge
1971 Type 40.3 Fixed-Angle Rotor in Class A,B,C,D,F,G,N,O,P or Q Ultracentrifuge
1971 Type 40 Fixed-Angle Aluminum Rotor in Class A,B,C,D,F,G,N,O,P or Q
1971 Type 35 Fixed-Angle Aluminum Rotor for Class F,G, or Q Preparative Ultracentrifuge
1971 Type 21 Fixed-Angle Aluminum Rotor in Class A,B,C,D,F,G,N,O,P or Q
1972 The Models L2-75B and L2-65B Preparative Ultracentrifuge Instruction Manual
1972 Rotors and Tubes for Preparative Ultracentrifuges Specifications & Instructions
1972 SW 65L Titanium Rotor in Class B,C,D,F,G,O,P or Q Preparative Ultracentrifuges
1972 Type 65 Fixed-Angle Aluminum Rotor for Class A,B,C,D,F,G,N,O,P or Q
1972 Swinging-Bucket 50.1 Rotor in Class A,B,C,D,F,G,N,O,P or Q Ultracentrifuges
1972 SW 41 Titanium Rotor for Class C,D,F, or G Preparative Ultracentrifuges
1972 SW 40 Titanium Rotor for Class G Preparative Ultracentrifuges
1972 SW 27 & SW 27.1 Swinging Bucket Aluminum Rotor
1972 Type 19 Rotor for Preparative Ultracentrifuge
1972 Type JA-20 Fixed-Angle Rotor for J-21 Refrigerated Centrifuge
1975 KliNa Flame Maintenance Logbook
1976 Selective Aspects of Sample Handling in Liquid Scintillation Counting, E.C. Long
1976 Liquid Scintillation Counting Theory and Techniques, E.C. Long
1977 Applications of Quench Monitoring by Compton Edge: The “H#,” E.C. Long
1977 The H Number Concept, Donald L. Horrocks
1977 Beckman Models 3500, 3550, and 3560 Digital pH Meters
1977 Glucose Analyzer 2 Operating Manual
1979  Technical Information: Counting 32 p in Aqueous Solutions by Cerenkov Radiation
1979 Instruction Manual: Beckman Microfuge B Centrifuge
1980 A Centrifuge Primer
1980 Applications of the Beckman Microfuge Centrifuge: A Bibliography
1981 Stat-Us Report
1981 Instructions for Using Micro-Test Plate Carriers
1981 Instructions for Using the JS-4.2 & JS-3.0 Swinging Bucket Rotors in J-6 Centrifuges
1982 Operator’s Manual Rotors & Tubes for Preparative Ultracentrifuges
1983 Instruction Manual: Model J 6M Centrifuge
1983 Instruction Manual Model L8-55M Preparative Ultracentrifuge
1983 Instructions for Using Thickwall Polycarbonate & Polyallomer Tubes
1983 Chemical Resistances for Spinco Division Products
1983 Rotor Safety Guide
1983 Rotors for the Model J-6 Series Centrifuges Instruction Manual
1983 Instructions for Using the SW 60 Ti Rotor
1983  Instructions for Using the Type 70 Ti Rotor
1984 Product Data Sheet: Trace-Klean–The Solution to Cell Cleaning Problems
1984 DU-50 Series Spectrophotometer Operating Manual
1985 DU-50 Series Spectrophotometer: Kinetics Soft-Pac Module Operating Instructions
1985 DU-50 Series Spectrophotometer: Quant II Soft-Pac Module Operating Instructions
1985 DU-50 Series Spectrophotometer: Quant II-Linear Soft-Pac Module Operating Instructions
1985 DU-50 Series Spectrophotometer: Auto 6-Sampler Accessory Operating Instructions
1985 DU-50 Series Spectrophotometer: RS232 Interface Accessory Operating Instructions
1985 Decontamination of Aluminum Rotors and Accessories
1985 Instructions for Using the JA-10 Fixed Angle Rotor
1985 Operator’s Manual Rotors and Tubes for Preparative Ultracentrifuges
1986 DU-50 Series Spectrophotometer: Sipper and Batch Sampler Accessories Manual
1986 How to Use Quick-Seal Tubes with the Beckman Tube Sealer
1987 Instructions for Using Micro-Test Plate Carriers
1986 Techniques of Preparative, Zonal, and Continuous Flow Ultracentrifugation
1987 Life, Spring
1988 The GeneLine System Instruction Manual
1988 GeneLine Power Supply Instruction Manual
1990 GeneLine II Buffer Cooler Instructions
1990 Chemical Resistances for Spinco Division Products
1992 Anti-Rotation Tray Installation Instructions
1994 Instructions for Using Micro Plus Microtiter Plate Carriers
1994 Centrifuge Safety
1997 Rotor Safety
1998 Allegra 6 Series and Spinchron Series Centrifuges Instruction Manual
1998 Instructions for Using the GH-3.8 Horizontal Rotor
Undated Instruction Manual: The Beckman Model DU Spectrophotometer and Accessories
Undated Technical Bulletin 6059C: Model 150 Ultramicro Analytical System Microfuge
Undated Sample Preparation Procedures for Liquid Scintillation Counting, Frank Newman
Undated “Technical Information:”
Undated The Use and Care of Futura Electrodes
Advances in Liquid Scintillation Data Reduction: Single Label DPM, 1152-NUC-77-115
Advances in Liquid Scintillation Data Reduction: Dual Label DPM, 1150-NUC-77-12S
AQC (Automatic Quench Compensation) on the Beckman LS-8000 Series Instruments, 1100-NUC-77-3T

Bell Telephone System, New York: 1963, Technical Publications: Monograph 4535 “Quartz Crystal Thermometer for Measuring Temperature Deviations in the 10-3 to 10-6 C Range,” W.L. Smith and W.J. Spencer, (first published in Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 34, March 1963, pages 268-270)

Bellco Glass, Inc., Vineland, NJ: Undated, Instructions: Bell-Stir Magnetic Stirrer

Bethesda Research Laboratories Inc. (BRL), Gaithersburg, MD:
1960s BRL Gradient Formers Users Manual
1979 Model H0/H1, H2/H3 Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System
1981  Affinity Chromatography: Concanavalin A Agarose (Stabilized)
1981  Affinity Chromatography: Dye-Ligand Chromatography Matrices
1981 Instruction Manual: Microdialysis Systems
1983 Instruction Manual: Sharkstooth Comb, 1045 SC

Biodynamics Research Corp., Rockville, MD:
1971 SAMSPIN Model 4310-U Directions
1973 SAMDRI PVT-3 Operation and Service Manual

Bioelectric Instruments, Inc., Hastings-on-Hudson, NY: 
1969  CA5 Calibrator Operating Instructions
1972  Model RCM3 Reflexor Camera Mount & Models CMT, ACM1, RACM Camera Mounts
1972  Application Note: Model AF2 Uni-Amp Integrated Unity-Gain Amplifier
1972  Preliminary Instruction Manual for Model P1 Electrophysiological Measurement System

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Richmond and Hercules, CA:
1963 Desalting With AG 11A8 Ion Retardation Resin,” Technical Bulletin 113
1975 Operating Instructions Model 150 A Gel Electrophoresis Cell
1979 The Liquid Chromatographer,” Nos. 1 and 2
1970s Mini-PROTEAN II Dual Slab Cell Instruction Manual
1970s PROTEAN II xi Plate Washer/Holder Instruction Manual
1980s Bio-Dot Microfiltration Apparatus Manual
1980s Criterion Blotter Manual
1980s Trans-Blot SD Semi-Dry Electrophoretic Transfer Cell Manual
1984 Trans-Blot Transfer Media Instructions
1990s Trans-Blot SD Semi-Dry Electrophoretic Transfer Cell Manual
1990s Criterion Cell Instruction Manual
1990s Gene Pulser Xcell Electroporation System Quick Guide
1990s UNO Q&S Continuous Bed Ion Exchange Column Manual
1994 Mini-PROTEAN ® II Electrophoresis Cell Instruction Manual
1994  Power Pac 3000 Instruction Manual
1994  Power Pac 3000 Quick Reference Guide
1995  Sub-Cell GT Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Systems Instruction Manual
1995  Ready Gel Cell Instruction Manual
1998  The Little Book of Standards: Protein Standards Reference Guide
2000  RC DC Protein Assay Manual
2003  PowerPac HC Power Supply Manual
2004  Gene Pulser Xcell Electroporation System Manual
Undated  Bio-Prep SE-100/17, SE-1000/17 Columns Manual
Undated  MyCycler Thermal Cycler Quick Guide
Undated  MyCycler Thermal Cycler Firmware Upgrade Instructions
Undated  MyCycler Thermal Cycler Manual
Undated  Power Pac 1000 and Power Pac 3000 Manual
Undated  DEAE AFFI-Gel Blue Instructions
Undated  DEAE AFFI-Gel Blue Product Instructions
Undated  Rotofor System Starter Kit Manual
Undated  BioLogic LP Starter Kit Manual
Undated  DC Protein Assay Manual (92-0464b)
Undated  DC Protein Assay Manual (Rev D)
Undated  Bio-Rad Protein Assay Manual (1977)
Undated  Bio-Rad Protein Assay Manual (82-0275)
Undated  Bio-Rad Protein Assay Manual (87-0194)
Undated  Bio-Rad Protein Assay Manual (093094)
Undated  Gel Filtration Standard Manual Revision C
Undated  Ready Gels Application Guide Revision E
Undated  Large Precast Gel Manual Revision A
Undated  Copper Stain & Destain Kit for Electrophoresis Manual
Undated  Prestained SDS-PAGE Standards Broad Range Revision A
Undated  SYPRO Orange Protein Stain Manual Revision A
Undated   Activated Immunoaffinity Supports Revision B
Undated   Kaleidoscope Prestained Standards Revision B
Undated Wide Mini-Sub ™ DNA Electrophoresis Cell Instruction Manual
Undated Mini-Sub ™ DNA Electrophoresis Cell Instruction Manual
Undated Protean Slab Cell Operating Instructions
Undated, Model 422 Electro-Eluter Instruction Manual
Undated  Kaleidoscope Prestained Standards Revision C
Undated  Precision Protein Standards Manual Revision A
Undated  Precision Protein Standards Manual Revision B
Undated  Precision Protein Standards Manual Revision D
Undated  Precision Protein Standards Manual Revision E

Bio-Rad Bulletin:
1980s US/EG Bulletin 1069: Protein Assays
1982  Bulletin 1062: DEAE Affi-Gel Blue Purifies IgG
1982 Bulletin 1085: Activated Affinity Supports: Affi-Gel 10 & 15
1989 Bulletin 1092: DEAE Affi-Gel Blue Gel & CM Affi-Gel Blue Gel for IgG Purification
1982 Bulletin 1099: Immunoaffinity Chromatography
1990s EG Bulletin 1801: Protein and Peptide Purification Applications
1990 Bulletin 1099: Immunoaffinity Chromatography with Affinity Supports
1988 Bulletin 1424: Affi-Gel Hz Immmunoaffinity Kit
1989 Bulletin 1453: HPLC Purification of IgG and IgM Monoclonal Antibodies Under Sanitized Conditions
1989 Bulletin 1156: Acrylamide Polymerization–A Practical Approach
1997 US/EG Bulletin 1529: Western Blotting Troubleshooting
1990 Bulletin 1609: Increase Recovery of Blotted Proteins with New PVDF Membrane           
1996 US/EG Bulletin 1909: Modification of Bio-Rad DC Protein Assay for Use with Thiols
Undated US/EG Bulletin 1156: Acrylamide Polymerization—A Practical Approach

Biospec Products, Bartlesville, OK: Undated, Mini-BeadBeater

Bishop, Calvin C.: 1971, Slide Rule: How to Use It,” Barnes and Noble

Bio-Tek Instruments, Winooski, VT: 1994, EL404 Microplate Washer User’s Guide

BK Precision, Chicago, IL: 1988, Manual: Triple Output DC Power Supply Model 1660

Blue M Electric Co., Blue Island, Illinois:
1961 Operation and Maintenance Manual: Gravity Convection Type Units
Undated Operation and Maintenance Manual, Single Wall Transite Gravity Ovens

Bodine Electric Co., Chicago, IL:
1972   ASH-400/450 Schematic Diagram
1978   User’s Manual Shunt Wound Motor Speed/Torque Controls
Undated  Motor/Gearmotor Safety, Installation, Use, and Maintenance

Boehringer Mannheim, Germany:
Undated Trypsin, modified, sequencing grade
Undated Complete Protease Inhibitor Cocktail Tablets

Boekel Industries, Inc., Feasterville, PA:
1995 Instructions for Incubator-Shaker II, Models 136400 & 136400-2
1998 Instructions for Incubator Shaker II, Models 136400 & 136400-2

Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.:  1967, Reference Manual Plotamatic Models 814, 814A, X-Y Plotters

Boonton Radio Corp., Boonton, NJ: Undated, Instructions and Manual of Radio Frequency Measurements for Q Meters Types 100-A, 160-A, 170-A

Branson Cleaning Equipment Co. (Bransonic), Shelton, Connecticut:
Undated Instruction Manual: Bransonic Ultrasonic Cleaner
Undated Operating Instructions: Sonogen “D” Series Ultrasonic Cleaners

Branson Instruments, Inc., Danbury, CT: 
1998, Digital Sonifier Models 250 & 450 Manual
Undated  Sonifier Instructions
Undated  Bulletin S-835: Ultrasonic Disruption of Bacteria & Other Micro-organisms, E.A. Davidson and T. Rosett

Brinkmann Instruments, Westbury, NY:
1960s Instructions: Brinkmann Thermo-Cool
Undated Eppendorf Instruction Manual: Repeater 4780
Undated Instructions #210: Lauda Circulators Series CD, KS, RCS, and RKS
Undated Instructions for Preparing Chromatographic Thin Layers with Sorbents for TLC and PLC
Undated Operating Manual 103-C Desaga/Brinkmann Apparatus for Thin-Layer Chromatography

Buchi Laboratory-Techniques Ltd., Flawil, Switzerland:
Undated Operating Instructions for Buchi Quick-Action-Jack
Undated Rotavapor-M

Buchler Instruments, Fort Lee, NJ:
1972 Buchler Polystaltic Pump Model #2-6100
1972 Instructions for the Mono-Staltic Pump
ca. 1972, Instructions for the Auto Densi-Flow
Undated Instructions for the Buchler Polystaltic Pump, Model 2-6100

Burgess Battery Co., Freeport, Illinois:
1959 Burgess Engineering Manual: Complete Data on Dry Batteries for the Design Engineer

Burle Industries Inc., Lancaster, PA:
1990 Electron Tubes

Burrell Corp., Pittsburgh, PA: 
1960 Kwik-Chek Gas Analyzer Operating Instructions

Burr-Brown Research Corp., Tucson, AZ:
1963 Handbook of Operational Amplifier Applications
1978 Ultra Low Bias Current FET Operational Amplifier 3528
1978 High Resolution 16-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter DAC71, DAC72

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