We will be adding more resources to this section to help students and teachers understand the rich history of biomedicine and the National Institutes of Health.

Also see:
The NIH Office of Science Education for helpful materials.


Click here for helpful links for both students and teachers about genetics research. Includes lesson plans and curriculum modules and information about exhibits.

70 Acres of Science: The NIH Moves to Bethesda70 Acres of Science
Click here for lesson plans related to the ebook “70 Acres of Science: The NIH Moves to Bethesda” (PDF - 14MB). These plans, “The Fluoride Story” and “Public Health Education,” coordinate with the Maryland State Curriculum Standards.

NIH Artificial Heart Valve
NIH and the Development of Artificial Heart Valves: AAAS Webinar
April 1, 2011. To view the video go to NIHOD YouTube channel.
This video is courtesy of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). To find out more please go to:



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