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Valco Instruments Co. Inc. (VICI):
1989 Price List
1992 Price List
1994 Cheminert
1994 Cheminert II Low Pressure Valves with Direct Internal Connections
1994 Cheminert II Low Pressure Valves with External Tube Connections

Varian Analytical Instruments, Walnut Creek, CA:
2001/2002 Chromatography & Spectroscopy Supplies

Varian Associates:
1961 Publications Index
1968 Aerograph, Berthold Radioactive Scanning Systems
1968 Xenon Illuminator
1968 High Intensity Illumination System
Undated CP-MAS Solids NMR
Undated Standard Software NMR
Undated magNET: The NMR Network
Undated Radiation Division

Vector Laboratories, Burlingame, CA: 
2017 Immunofluorescence Guide

Ventron: 1968, various chemicals

Venus Products, Kent, WA: 
Undated    Venus H.I.S. Central Resin System:  Hydraulic Injection Spray System
Undated    Portable Hydraulic Injection Spray System
Undated    Aluminum Rollers

VistaLab Technologies, Brewster, NY:  2014 Ovation BioNatural Pipettes

1973 AKES Automatic Kinetic Enzyme System

VWR International, Buffalo Grove, IL:
2002 Owl Separation System Electrophoresis Products
2003/4 Catalog
2003 Owl Separation Systems Product Catalog
2004 VWR ™ sympHony ™ Electrochemistry Meters, Electrodes & Solutions
2012 VWR Collection Laboratory Equipment
2013 Azure cSeries: A New Way to See the Light
2014  AKTA start
2014  Columns for AKTA start
2014  LifeScience Magazine vol.14, #32
2015  Elements, Vol. 6



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