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Sanborn Co., Waltham, MA:
1956 Viso-Scope Model 169A
1959 Model 150M Sanborn Poly-Viso
1960s Narrow Band Differential DC Amplifier
1960 Electrocardiographs Models 100 and 100M Viso-Cardiette
1960 Low Level Preamplifier Model 350-1500
1960 EEG/ECG Preamplifier Model 55
1960 Model 150-2700 High Gain Preamplifier
1960 Oscillographic Recording Systems, 350 and 350M Series
1960 Poly-Beam Recording System Model 550M
1961 Oscillographic Recording Systems, 150M Series
1961 150 Preamplifiers
1961 Prices–150M Series: Basic Assemblies, Preamplifiers, Permapaper
1961 Prices–350 Series: Basic Assemblies, Optional Units, Preamplifiers, Permapaper
1961 Prices–550M Systems: Basic Assembly, Preamps, Monitoring
1961 Carrier Preamplifier Model 350-1100AS
1961 DC Coupling Preamplifier Model 350-1300A
1961 Low Level Preamplifier Model 350-1500
1961 ECG/General Purpose Preamplifier Model 350-1600
1961 Heart Sound Preamplifier Model 350-1700B
1961 Medical Carrier Preamplifier Model 350-3000
1961 ECG/General Purpose Preamplifier Model 350-3200
1961 Combination Systems: Direct Writing/Photographic Recording Systems

1969 EEL Model 140 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Undated Mettler High-Speed Top-Loading Balances
Undated The Auto-Aquatrator and The Aquatrator

Savant (Division of ThermoQuest), Holbrook, NY:
1998 Instruments and Accessories
1999 SPD-Series Speed VAC ® Concentrators
1999 OFP-400 Oil-Free Vacuum Pump
1999 Vial Cell Stoppering Shelf Unit-VC45
1999 GEP140 GelPump ™
1999 SPD131DDA Speedvac ® Concentrator
1999 PRO Rotor Kit
1999 Savant uSpeedfuge ® SFR13K
1999 Spin Freezer 96

Schleicher & Schuell, Dassel, Germany and Keene, NH:
1985 Products for Filtration, Separation & Life Science Research
1986 Elutrap Electrophoresis Chamber
1986 Sequences: The S&S Elutrap for the Isolation and Purification of Macromolecules
1989 Products for Filtration, Separation & Life Science Research
1999 Clean-Sep ™: Cartridges for Solid Phase Extraction
1999 Clean-Sep ™: SPE Method Development Kits
1999 Clean-Sep ™: SPE RPC Resins
1999 Membrane Butler: Dispenser and Sterile Membranes for Microbiological Analysis
1999 Better the Blot Catalog
1999 Consumer Price List
2004 Products & Protocols

Schott, Germany:
1980s, Three Bright Examples Cold-Light Sources: KL 1500, 1500-T, 1500-2

Science Products Corp.:
1964 Science Products Corporation, Thermocouples
Undated Flexible Cable Thermopiles

Scientific Glass Apparatus Co.: 1952, Inter-Joint Glassware, Catalog J-52

Scientific Industries Inc., Springfield, MA:
1971 Parts List
2013 Catalog

Scientific Products (S/P), Evanston, IL:  1969, The Tek-Line

SCIMED Life Systems Inc., Maple Grove, MN: 1991 Trapper

Scott Electric, Greensburg, PA:  2009/10  Product Catalog

1978 Flat Surface Combination pH Electrode
1982 Bulletin 200B: Dependable Electrodes

Sethco Manufacturing Corp., Merrick, NY: 
1960  Specifications “Canned” Leakproof Centrifugal Transfer Pump
1961   “Full-View” Filter Chambers
1961   Miniature Filter Systems
Undated Sethco Filter Tubes

Shandon, England: 1998/99, Cytology Histology Catalog

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Columbia, MD: 2009, Rebel Against the Gel: MultiNA

Shur-Bend Mfg. Co., Inc., Minneapolis, MN:
1971 Aluminum and Tin-plate Canes

Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis, MO: 1999, PCR

Sigma Chemical Co., St. Louis, MO:
1989 Sigma Announces Liquid Media
1989 Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 2
1991 Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 5
1992 Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 9
1993 Stable Cell Labeling: Novel Linker Systems
1993 Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 10

SLM/AMINCO: 1992, AMINCO-Bowman Series 2 Luminescence Spectrometer & Feature Notes

Small Parts Inc.:
1991 Catalog
2000 Catalog

Solidyne:  Undated, Sealomatic High Frequency Sealing and Heating Equipment

Sono-tek Corp., Poughkeepsie, NY: 
1984  IR 100 Award Brochure
1984  Research & Development Ultrasonic Nozzles Take Pressure out of Atomizing Processes, Harvey L. Berger

Sorvall (see Ivan Sorvall, Inc.)

Southern London Electrical Equipment (SLEE): undated, Pearse/Slee Refrigerated Microtomes (Cryostats) Accessory Price List

Spectromagnetic Industries: 1961, Model PC 2500-2A Current Regulated Power Supply

Spencer: 1940, Fluorescence Accessories

SPEX Industries: 1985, Handbook of Sample Preparation & Handling

Spring Valley Laboratories, Woodbine, MD: 2002, Custom Polyclonal & Monoclonal Antibody Production, etc.

Starna Cells Inc., Atascadero, CA: 1998, Spectrophotometer Cells

Starrett: 1992, Catalog

StemCell Technologies: 2002, Catalog

Stoelting, Chicago, IL:
1979 Experimental Biology & Physiology Instruments
 2004 Catalog

Stratagene, La Jolla, CA:
2001 Strategies Newsletter Vol. 14, No. 1
2005 Strategies Vol. 18, No. 1

Streck Laboratories Inc.: Undated, Frigicator

Structure Probe: 1985, SPI Supplies for Electron Microscopy Supplies

Supelco, Inc.:
1978 Chromatography Supplies, Catalog 12
1983 Troubleshooting Guide
2005/6 Chromatography

Superior Electric Co.:
1967 Slo-Syn Catalog SS1265-3, Synchronous/Stepping Motors, Controls & Drives
1972 Slo-Slyn Synchronous/Stepping Motors, Controls, & Drives

Sutter Instrument Co., Novato, CA:
1991    Micropipette Pullers, Optical Filter Changers, Micromanipulators, etc.

Swagelok: 1977, Quick-Connects

SwissCo Instruments:
1961 Buchi Fantavapor-61, Tap Water Distiller
1961 Lab Instruments for Determination of Melting Point, Boiling Point, Molecular Weight, Flow Point
Undated Minivapor, Micro-distillation Apparatus for Conductance Water
Undated Steam Generator with Electrode Heating & Nitrogen Determining Apparatus
Undated Rotavapor, Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Swiss Jewel Co., Philadelphia, PA:
1970s Synthetic Sapphire and Ruby Precision Jewel Bearings and Specialties
1970s Synthetic Sapphire Jewels

1983 Sybron Catalog
Undated NANOpure II Ultrapure Water Systems

Synthecon Inc., Houston, TX: mid-1990s, Rotary Cell Culture System

Synthegen, Houston, TX:
1999 Modified Oligonucleotides Catalog

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