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2017 Gibson Assembly Cloning Method

S. S. White, Philadelphia, PA:
1965 General Dental Catalog

Sanborn Co., Waltham, MA:
1956 Viso-Scope Model 169A
1959 Model 150M Sanborn Poly-Viso
1960s Narrow Band Differential DC Amplifier
1960 Electrocardiographs Models 100 and 100M Viso-Cardiette
1960 Low Level Preamplifier Model 350-1500
1960 EEG/ECG Preamplifier Model 55
1960 Model 150-2700 High Gain Preamplifier
1960 Oscillographic Recording Systems, 350 and 350M Series
1960 Poly-Beam Recording System Model 550M
1961 Oscillographic Recording Systems, 150M Series
1961 150 Preamplifiers
1961 Prices–150M Series: Basic Assemblies, Preamplifiers, Permapaper
1961 Prices–350 Series: Basic Assemblies, Optional Units, Preamplifiers, Permapaper
1961 Prices–550M Systems: Basic Assembly, Preamps, Monitoring
1961 Carrier Preamplifier Model 350-1100AS
1961 DC Coupling Preamplifier Model 350-1300A
1961 Low Level Preamplifier Model 350-1500
1961 ECG/General Purpose Preamplifier Model 350-1600
1961 Heart Sound Preamplifier Model 350-1700B
1961 Medical Carrier Preamplifier Model 350-3000
1961 ECG/General Purpose Preamplifier Model 350-3200
1961 Combination Systems: Direct Writing/Photographic Recording Systems

1969 EEL Model 140 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Undated Mettler High-Speed Top-Loading Balances
Undated The Auto-Aquatrator and The Aquatrator

Savant (Division of ThermoQuest), Holbrook, NY:
1998 Instruments and Accessories
1999 SPD-Series Speed VAC ® Concentrators
1999 OFP-400 Oil-Free Vacuum Pump
1999 Vial Cell Stoppering Shelf Unit-VC45
1999 GEP140 GelPump ™
1999 SPD131DDA Speedvac ® Concentrator
1999 PRO Rotor Kit
1999 Savant uSpeedfuge ® SFR13K
1999 Spin Freezer 96

Scanning Electron Microscopy/1976 Annual Meeting: Advertiser’s Brochure & Exhibition Information:
AMR Corp.
Bausch & Lomb
Bio-Rad Laboratories
The Bomar Co.
Cambridge Instruments
Coates & Welter
Carl Zeiss
C.W. French Division/EBTEC Corp.
Edwards High Vacuum, Inc.
Electron Microscope Supplies
ETEC Corp.
Fluorinated Lubricants Co.
Ernest F. Fullam, Inc.
GW Electronics Inc.
International Scientific Instruments, Inc. (ISI)
Kevex Corp.
Kimball Physics, Inc.
Ladd Research Industries, Inc.
LeMont Scientific
M.E. Taylor Engineering
Madison Engineering Co.
Microspec Corp.
Mid-America Microanalysis Lab, Inc.
Montedison USA, Inc.
Nuclear Equipment Corp.
Parr Instrument Co.
PhotoMetrics, Inc.
Philips Electronic Instruments
Plenum Publishing Corp.
Polaron Instruments Inc.
QBI International
SPI Supplies/Structure Probe, Inc.
Ted Pella Co.VG Microscopes

Schleicher & Schuell, Dassel, Germany and Keene, NH:
1985 Products for Filtration, Separation & Life Science Research
1986 Elutrap Electrophoresis Chamber
1986 Sequences: The S&S Elutrap for the Isolation and Purification of Macromolecules
1989 Products for Filtration, Separation & Life Science Research
1999 Clean-Sep ™: Cartridges for Solid Phase Extraction
1999 Clean-Sep ™: SPE Method Development Kits
1999 Clean-Sep ™: SPE RPC Resins
1999 Membrane Butler: Dispenser and Sterile Membranes for Microbiological Analysis
1999 Better the Blot Catalog
1999 Consumer Price List
2004 Products & Protocols

Schott, Germany:
1980s, Three Bright Examples Cold-Light Sources: KL 1500, 1500-T, 1500-2

Science Products Corp.:
1964 Science Products Corporation, Thermocouples
Undated Flexible Cable Thermopiles

Scientific Glass Apparatus Co.: 1952, Inter-Joint Glassware, Catalog J-52

Scientific Industries Inc., Springfield, MA:
1971 Parts List
2013 Catalog

Scientific Products (S/P), Evanston, IL:  1969, The Tek-Line

SCIMED Life Systems Inc., Maple Grove, MN: 1991 Trapper

Scott Electric, Greensburg, PA:  2009/10  Product Catalog

1978 Flat Surface Combination pH Electrode
1982 Bulletin 200B: Dependable Electrodes

Sethco Manufacturing Corp., Merrick, NY: 
1960  Specifications “Canned” Leakproof Centrifugal Transfer Pump
1961   “Full-View” Filter Chambers
1961   Miniature Filter Systems
Undated Sethco Filter Tubes

Shandon, England: 1998/99, Cytology Histology Catalog

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Columbia, MD: 2009, Rebel Against the Gel: MultiNA

Shur-Bend Mfg. Co., Inc., Minneapolis, MN:
1971 Aluminum and Tin-plate Canes

Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis, MO:
1999 PCR
2011-2012   Products for Life Science Research
2016  sigma CRISPR

Sigma Chemical Co., St. Louis, MO:
1989 Sigma Announces Liquid Media
1989 Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 2
1991 Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 5
1992 Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 9
1993 Stable Cell Labeling: Novel Linker Systems
1993 Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 10

SLM/AMINCO: 1992, AMINCO-Bowman Series 2 Luminescence Spectrometer & Feature Notes

Small Parts Inc.:
1991 Catalog
2000 Catalog

Solidyne:  Undated, Sealomatic High Frequency Sealing and Heating Equipment

Stoelting Co.:
1974 Instrument Catalog

Sono-tek Corp., Poughkeepsie, NY: 
1984  IR 100 Award Brochure
1984  Research & Development Ultrasonic Nozzles Take Pressure out of Atomizing Processes, Harvey L. Berger

Sorvall (see Ivan Sorvall, Inc.)

Southern London Electrical Equipment (SLEE): undated, Pearse/Slee Refrigerated Microtomes (Cryostats) Accessory Price List

Spectromagnetic Industries: 1961, Model PC 2500-2A Current Regulated Power Supply

Spencer: 1940, Fluorescence Accessories

SPEX Industries: 1985, Handbook of Sample Preparation & Handling

Spring Valley Laboratories, Woodbine, MD: 2002, Custom Polyclonal & Monoclonal Antibody Production, etc.

Starna Cells Inc., Atascadero, CA: 1998, Spectrophotometer Cells

Starrett: 1992, Catalog

StemCell Technologies: 2002, Catalog

Stoelting, Chicago, IL:
1979 Experimental Biology & Physiology Instruments
 2004 Catalog

Stratagene, La Jolla, CA:
2001 Strategies Newsletter Vol. 14, No. 1
2005 Strategies Vol. 18, No. 1

Streck Laboratories Inc.: Undated, Frigicator

Structure Probe: 1985, SPI Supplies for Electron Microscopy Supplies

Supelco, Inc.:
1978 Chromatography Supplies, Catalog 12
1983 Troubleshooting Guide
2005/6 Chromatography

Superior Electric Co.:
1967 Slo-Syn Catalog SS1265-3, Synchronous/Stepping Motors, Controls & Drives
1972 Slo-Slyn Synchronous/Stepping Motors, Controls, & Drives

Sutter Instrument Co., Novato, CA:
1991    Micropipette Pullers, Optical Filter Changers, Micromanipulators, etc.

Swagelok: 1977, Quick-Connects

SwissCo Instruments:
1961 Buchi Fantavapor-61, Tap Water Distiller
1961 Lab Instruments for Determination of Melting Point, Boiling Point, Molecular Weight, Flow Point
Undated Minivapor, Micro-distillation Apparatus for Conductance Water
Undated Steam Generator with Electrode Heating & Nitrogen Determining Apparatus
Undated Rotavapor, Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Swiss Jewel Co., Philadelphia, PA:
1970s Synthetic Sapphire and Ruby Precision Jewel Bearings and Specialties
1970s Synthetic Sapphire Jewels

1983 Sybron Catalog
Undated NANOpure II Ultrapure Water Systems

Synthecon Inc., Houston, TX: mid-1990s, Rotary Cell Culture System

Synthegen, Houston, TX:
1999 Modified Oligonucleotides Catalog

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