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Radcal Corp.:
1984 Radionuclide Calibrator Model 4050
1984 Radionuclide Manager Model 4045

1991 Flo-One/Beta Model GCR Radioactivity Detector for Gas Chromatography

1968 Catalog
1978 Meet the pH-Family
1978 Electrode Guide
1979 Titration Review
1980 Meter Family
1980 Meet the pH-Family
1981 Electrodes Price List
1981 Analytical Electrode Guide
1982 Titration Price List: Recording Systems
1982 Titration Price List: End Point Systems
1982 Titration Price List: Digital Systems
1982 Ion Scanning System Price List
1982 Conductivity Price List
1982 Analytical Electrode Guide Price List
1982 pH Meters Price List
1983 Meter Family
1983 Analytical Electrode Guide
1983 Ion 85 Ion Analyzer
1983 Price List
Undated Titration Assembly Type TTA31
Undated Titration Assembly Type TTA 3
Undated pH Meter 27

Radiometric Instruments & Chemical Co.: 1984, Flo-One Series Info Packet

Rainin Instrument Co., Woburn, MA:
1998 Pipetting Solutions
2001 Pipetting Solutions
2013    Speed Your Workflow E4 XLS
2013    Rainin Focus:  XLS+ Multichannels
2014    USA Product Catalog
2016    USA Tip Catalog
2017    USA Product Catalog
Undated Gilson Pipetman Adjustable Digital Microliter Pipettes

Raptor Photonics
2014 CCD, EMCCD, SWIR, CMOS and sCMOS Cameras

Razel Scientific Instruments:
late 1970s Model A-99 Syringe Pump
Undated Model A Syringe Pump

The R.B. Woodward Collection:
1986 Research Samples

Refrigeration for Science (RFS), Inc., Island Park, NY: 
1969 Catalog & Price List

Research Genetics, Inc., Huntsville, AL:
1996 Catalog: Accelerating Discovery
2001 Catalog: an Invitrogen Company

Research Organics:
Undated M.B.S.
Undated CDAP: Monoclonal Coupler

Research Products International Corp., Mount Prospect, IL:
1992, Liquid Scintillation Chemicals & Vials, Radiation Safety Products, Enzyme Substrates, Laboratory Equipment
Undated Electrophoresis

Research Specialities Co.:
2014 Biochemicals and Laboratory Accessories
Undated 801 Chromatobox

Restek Corporation: 2000, Chromatography

Rheem Manufacturing Col, Asheville, NC:  1980s, …how to get the most out of-and into—you new freezer or refrigerator…

Rheodyne Inc.:
1980 Model 7163 Solenoid Valve Kits
1981 Model 7125 Syringe Loading Sample Injector
Undated Model 7010 Sample Injection Valve
Undated Accessories for Valves
Undated Type 70 HPLC Switching Valves
Undated HPLC Accessories
Undated Model 7126 Automatic Sample Injector
Undated Models 7410 & 7413 Sample Injection Valves
Undated Model 7066 Tandem Column Selector and Model 7067 Tandem Enrichment Injector

Richard H. Bird & Co., Inc., Waltham, MA:
1970s Data Sheet: Cup and Double-Cup Jewels and Assemblies
 Data Sheet: Sapphire Products and Insulators
 Data Sheet: Vee Jewels and Assemblies
 Data Sheet: Pins & Pivots
 Data Sheet: Ring Jewels, Endstones and Assemblies
 Data Sheet: Optical Sapphire Products
 Data Sheet: Materials, Properties and Selection Factors
 Data Sheet: Orifice Jewels and Assemblies

RMC, Tucson, AZ: Undated, Ultramicrotomes

Roboz Surgical Instrument Co. Inc., Gaithersburg, MD: 2000s, Surgical Instrument Catalog

Rockland Antibodies & Assays: 2017 Mastering Post-Translational Modifications

Roger Gilmont Instruments, Inc., Great Neck, NY:  Undated, Ultra Precision Micrometer Syringes and Burets

Rogers Corp.: 1987, Durimid 100 and 120 Thermoplastic Polyimide Preliminary Data Sheet

Rollei: Undated, Progress in Photography

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