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Paasche Airbrush, Chicago, IL:
1959    Twenty-Two Airbrush Lessons for Beginners
1961    Bulletin H-F-761:  Operating Instructions for H3 and F2 Airbrushes

Pacific Scientific: early 1990s, SC700...One Tough Servo

Packard Instrument Co., Downers Grove, IL:
1965 5000 Series Auto-Gamma Spectrometer Systems
1965 Auto-Gamma Spectrometer Systems 5000 Series
1965 Model 7201 Radiochromatogram Scanner
1965 Specifications Model 446 ARMAC Scintillation Detector
1967 Pesticide Analyzer
1968 Data Sheet: Model 852 Gas Fraction Collector
1968 Specifications 5000 Series Auto-Gamma Spectrometer System
1968 Specifications Model 325 Combustion Furnace
1969 Data Sheet: Model 300 Tri-Carb Automatic Sample Oxidizer
1969 Data Sheet: Model 565 DISC Integrator
1969 7300/7400 Series Gas Chromatographs
1969 3000 Series Tri-Carb Spectrometers
1969  Specifications Model 2101 Semi-Automatic, Ambient Temperature Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1969 Specifications Model 3305 Semi-Automatic Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1969  Specifications Model 2311 Automatic, Ambient Temperature Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1969  Specifications Model 517 Tape Reader/Editor for Olivetti Underwood Programma 101B
1969  900 Series Multichannel Analyzers
1970  Model 930 Multichannel Analyzer
1970  Data Sheet: Model 7102 Refractometer
1970  Data Sheet: Model 7103 UV Monitor
1970  The 2420 Tri-Carb Spectrometer
1970  Specifications Model 5600 Osteodensitometer
1970  Specifications Model 543 Tape Perforator
1970  Specifications Model 544 Absolute Activity Analyzer
1970  Specifications Model 545 Teletype Typewriter, Tape Perforator and Tape Reader
1970  Specifications Model 2111 Automatic, Ambient Temperature Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1970    Specifications Model 2211 Automatic, Ambient Temperature Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1970    Specifications Models 3375 and 3380 Automatic Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometers
1970    Specifications Model 5219 Auto-Gamma Spectrometer System
1970    Specifications Tri-Carb Continuous Flow Analyzers
1970    Chemical Notes: Summary of …Sample Preparation for Liquid Scintillation Counting
1970    Model 300 and 305 Tri-Carb Sample Oxidizers
1971    Specifications Model 933 Display Monitor
1971    Specifications Model 934 Amplifier
1971    Specifications Model 935 High Voltage Supply
1971    406, 407, 409 & 420 Series Gas Chromatographs
1971    Insta-Gel: A Solution Searching for a Problem
1971    Specifications Model 966 Four Input PHA Router
1971    Specifications Model 967 Four Input Multiscale
1971    Specifications Model 943 Parallel-to-serial Converter
1971    Specifications Model 942 Integrator
1971    Specifications Model 941 Analog-to-Digital Converter
1971    Specifications Model 940 Superzoom Multichannel Analyzer
1971    Specifications Model 900 Analyzer
1971    Specifications Model 928 Peak Detector
1971    Specifications Model 893 Gas Proportional Counter
1971    Specifications Model 5024 Tandem Gamma Console
1971    Specifications Models 5022 and 5023 Tandem Gamma Consoles
1971    Specifications Model 5119 Auto-Gamma Spectrometer System
1971    Specifications Model 546/547 Teletype Typewriter, Tape Perforator, and Tape Reader
1971    Specifications Model 3320 Automatic Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1971    Specifications Model 2425 Automatic Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1971    Specifications Model 513 IBM Selectric Typewriter
1971    Specifications Model 5319 Auto-Gamma Spectrometer System
1971    Packard Model 1015 Nitrogen-15 Analyzer
1971    Introducing the Packard Amino Acid Derivatizer Model 896
1970s  A Full Range of Instruments, Chemical and Supplies for Radioactivity Measurement and Chromatography
Undated  Specfications A Guide to Capabilities of New Packard Modular Gas Chromatographs
Undated  Specifications Model 895 Automatic Injector System
Undated  Model 891 Curie Point Pyrolyzer
Undated  Specifications Model 962 Preamplifier
Undated  Specifications Model 963 Preamplifier/Probe Assembly
Undated Tri-Carb 4000 Series Liquid Scintillation Systems
Undated Auto-Gamma Spectrometer Systems

Pako Corp., Minneapolis, MN:
1969  Price List
Undated  The solution to better prints

Panasonic, Wood Dale, IL:
2012    Guide to Laboratory Equipment
2012    Integrated Cell Processing Work Station MHE-PF4025CW, MHE-UN4025CW
2012   Ultra-Low Freezer Advancements and Challenges to Low Energy Consumption and Better Reliability
2012    -86 C Ultra-Low Freezers MDF-U33V, MDF-U53VA, MDF-U56VC, MDF-U76VC
2012    -86 C Ultra-Low Freezers MDF-U500VXC, MDF-U700VXC
2013    Industry’s First App-Based Lab Monitoring System
2012    -30C Upright Biomedical Freezers
2013    Ultra-Low and Cryogenic Freezers

Panomics, Fremont, CA:
2006 Quantitative Biology Catalog

Panvera, Madison, WI:
1996/97 Fluorescence & Fluorescence Polarization Products, Recombinant Human Proteins, TaKARa PCR Products

Paragon Biotech, Inc., Baltimore, MD:
Undated, Products and Services

Parr Instrument Co.:
1968 Catalog
1973 Hydrogenation Apparatus: Shaker and Rocker Types
1978 Laboratory Reactors, Autoclaves, and Pressure Vessels
1980 Price Lists

Particle Sizing Systems, Port Richey, FL:
2014 Particle Size Analyzers

Pennsylvania Fluorocarbon Co., Inc., Clifton Heights, PA:
1967    Penntube Bulletin No. 400 Penntube CT-Flex
1968    Penntube Shrinkable Tubings
1968    Penntube Bulletin No. 31  Spaghetti Tubing of Teflon
1968    Penntube Bulletin No. 31E--Expanded Tubing of Teflon
1968    Penntube Bulletin No. 41 Flexible Tubing
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 3E Expanded Tubing
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 9 Expanded Teflon Applicator
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 11 Spiral-Wrapped Tubing of Teflon
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 12 Teflon Lined Rubber Tubing
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 10 Printing on Extrusions
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 1 Heavy-Walled Tubing
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 8 Special Shapes
Undated   Product Selector Chart for Penntube Products
Undated   Fluorocarbon Extrusions for Industry
Undated   History of Pennsylvania Fluorocarbon Co., Inc.
Various price lists

1956 Price List: Infrared Instruments & Accessories, Optical & Electronic Building Blocks, Crystal Optics
1983 Model LCI-100 Laboratory Computing Integrator
1984 Catalog
1985 MasterLab System Laboratory Robotics
1987 LC-235 Diode Array Detection System
1989 PC Integrator (PE Nelson)
1990 DNA Thermal Cycler 480
1991 GeneAmp PCR System 9600
1991 AmpliTaq ® DNA Polymerase, Stoffel Fragment
1991 GeneAmp ® Thermostable rTth Reverse Transcriptase RNA PCR Kit
1995 Guide to PCR Enzymes
1999 PCR Systems, Reagents & Consumables
2015 Charting the tumor Microenvironment: Navigating Complex System Interplay
2016 Fast Forward: Accelerating CRISPR Research with Automated, High-throughput Screening
2016  Exploring Uncharted Interactions with Cell Signaling Pathway Analysis from Protein to Phenotype
Undated Model 4000-A Spectrophotometer: Ultraviolet, Visible, Near Infrared

PerSeptive Biosystems, Cambridge, MA:
1994  POROS Columns and Media Selection Guide
1996  POROS Columns and Media Selection Guide
Undated Residue Masses and Compositions for the 20 Common Amino Acids

PGC Scientifics, Gaithersburg, MD:
1980 Zinger Micro-Dispenser
1999 Catalog

Pharmacia, Piscataway, NJ:
1985  FPLC BioCommunique Vol. 2, No. 1
1985  FPLC BioCommunique Vol. 2, No. 2
1985  Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Reference List
1985  HR Prepacked Columns MonoBeads, Mono Q, Mono S, Mono P Data File
1986  FPLC: Media and Column Guide
1987  Fast Desalting Column HR 10/10 Data File
Undated  Discover Nature with Superose

Pharmacia Fine Chemicals Inc., Piscataway, NJ:
1950s Gradient Formation with the Pharmacia Peristaltic Pump P-3
1965 Sephadex Columns, Dextran, and Ficoll Price List
1966 Sephadex Solvent Resistant Column
1970s This is a New P.A.G.E. (Pharmacia Gel Electrophoresis System)
1972  Gradient Mixer GM-1
1975 Separation News: Gradient SDS
1976 Separation News: New Products Guide
1976 Accessories: Pharmacia Gel Electrophoresis System
1976 Pharmacia Gradient Gels PAA 2/16
1977 3-Way Valve LV-3, 4-Way Valve LV-4
1978 Aqueous Columns and Accessories Spare Parts and Prices
1979 Poster: Gel Filtration Media
1980s FPLC Reference List
1980  Chromatography Columns C-column System
1981  CNBr-activated Sepharose 4B
1981  New Product Memo: Chromatographic C-Column System
1982 Products for Chromatofocusing Price List
1982  New Group Specific Adsorbents
1982  Superloops 10 ml, 50 ml Data File
1983  DEAE-Sepharose Fast Flow, CM-Sepharose Fast Flow: Designed for Large …
1983  Media for Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
1984  HR Prepacked Columns Superose 6, Superose 12 Data File
Undated  RPC of Peptides, Polypeptides, and Proteins with the FPLC System
Undated  Hydrophobic Chromatography  for Hydrophilic Proteins
Undated  Save on Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Equipment
Undated   A New Way of Separating: Sephacryl S-1000
Undated   The Calibration Standards That Measure Up…
Undated Sephadex Laboratory Columns & Accessories
Undated Sephadex LH-20 for Gel Filtration in Organic Solvents

Pharmacia LKB Biotechnology, Piscataway, NJ:
1980s PhastSytem ™ Electrophoresis System
1980s PhastImage ™
1980s PhasTransfer ™ Semi-dry Electrophoretic Transfer System
1980s PhastSystem ™ Fact Sheet
1989 Electrophoresis Price List
1991 Biotechnologist’s Guide to Standard Chromatography Media for Purification of Biomolecules

Pharma-Tech Research Corp. (PTR), Baltimore, MD:
1980s Countercurrent Chromatography

1998 Mouse CD Chart

Phase-R Corp.:
1984, Nitrogen Laser

Phenomenex, Torrance, CA:
1990 Chromatography

1999 Fifty Years of Philips Electron Microscopy

Physics International:
1978 Piezoelectricity Fast Response Valves

Pennwalt Corp.: Undated, KYNAR Piezo Film

Pfizer, New York:
1971 The Repeater: The Finest Sensitivity Disk Dispenser You’ll Ever Use

Picker International, Highland Heights, OH:
1985, Buyer’s Guide Vol. 4

Picker Nuclear:
1968 The Liquimat 220
Undated New Automatic Magnascanner
Undated Liquid Scintillation Systems

Pierce Chemical Co.:
1976 Chromatography Aids
1977 Handbook and General Catalog
1977  Introduces a Crosslinking Reagent…
1980s Prepare Fragments: Immobilized Papain, Pepsin, Protein A
1980s  Protein Conjugation
1980s  Protein Solubilization
1980s  Ag/Ab Purification
1982  Technical Bulletin: Iodo-Beads
1982 Technical Bulletin: Immobilized Ligands for Affinity Chromatography
1982 Technical Bulletin: Double-Agents Bifunctional Cross-Linking Reagents
1983 Technical Bulletin: Double-Agents Bifunctional Cross-Linking Reagents
1983 Technical Bulletin: Carbonyldiimidazole Activated Supports
1984 Handbook and General Catalog
1986  BCA and BCA Protein Assay Reagent
1986  Monoclonal Antibody Purification Buffers
1986  SelectiSpher-10 HPLAC Columns
1986  BCA Protein Assay Reagent
1987 Sample Handling
1988 ImmunoPure ® Fluorescein-Labelled Antibodies
1989 ImmunoPure ® Antibodies
1989 Avidin-Biotin Reagents
1989  Cross-Linking Reagents
1989  Attention Lowry Protein Assay Users!
1990 ImmunoTechnology Catalog & Handbook, Section D: Avidin-Biotin
1990 ImmunoTechnology Catalog & Handbook, Section E: Protein Modification
199 1/2 Chromatography Catalot & Handbook
1993  Immunohistochemical Products
1994  Introducing a DAB of Innovation
1994  Introducing a Stable, Two-Component Metal Enhance DAB
1995  Protein Chemistry Products
1996  Assay Development Products
1997  Antibody Products
1997  Coated Microwell Plates
1997  Fusion Protein Products
1997  Best Sellers
1997  Buffers for Blots, ELISAS, and Immunohistochemistry
1997  Protein Chemistry Products
1997 Buffers for Blots, ELISAs, and Immunohistochemistry
1998 SuperSignal ® Western Blotting Substrates Handbook
1998  Protein Chemistry Products
1998  Assay Development Products
1998  Protein Detection Quantitation Products
1999  SuperSignal ELISA Chemiluminescent Detection Products
1999  Poster: EX-Link Biotinylation Reagent Selection Guide
1999  Nuclear Extracts
1999  B-Gal Reporter Assay: Mammalian
1999  B-Gal Reporter Assay: Yeast
1999  Fusion Protein Affinity Gel GST
1999  Protein Solubilization
2000  Produce, Purify, Modify, Assay
2000  Strip time off your research with Restore Stripping Buffer
2000  DNA Extraction and Purification Reagents for Yeast
2000  QuantaBlu Fluorogenic Substrates for HRP
2000  GelCode Phosphorprotein Stain
2000  CellScreen Collagen I Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind NeutrAvidin High Binding Capacity (HBC) Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind Streptavidin High Binding Capacity (HBC) Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind NeutrAvidin and Streptavidin Coated Plates
2000  ChoiceCoat Microplate-Coating Service
2000  ChoiceCoat Custom Plate-Coating Service
2000  Reacti-Bind Glutathione Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind Anti-GST Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind Anti-GFP Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind Protein A and Protein G Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind Protein L Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind Maleic Anhydride Activated Plates/Maleimide Activated Plates
2001  CellScree Poly-D-Lysine and Poly-L-Lysine Coated Plates
2001  Double-Agents Cross-Linking Reagents Selection Guide
Undated  BCA Protein Assay Reagent
Undated  Don’t throw away your chance to help save our environment
Undated  SwellGel Technology by Walid Qorofleh and Suzan Lewis
1984 September
1984 October
1984 December
1985 June
1985 July
1985 September
1985 October
1986 March
1995 June/July
1997 April Vol.1 (2)
1997 July Vol.1 (3)
1998 May/June Vol. 2 (2)
1998 Sept/October Vol. 2 (3)
2001 Vol. 5 (3)
2001 Vol. 5 (2)
2003 Vol. 7 (3)
2005 Western Blotting Handbook & Troubleshooting Guide
2006 Krypton Protein ™ Stain
2006 Sulfo-NHS and Sulfo-NHS-LC Biotinylation Kits
Undated Protein Conjugation
Undated Solubilization
Undated ChromatoFlo MTS Miniature Tubing Systems

Piramoon Technologies [see FiberLite Inc.]

Plas-Labs, Lansing, MI:
1971 Rabbit Restrainers, Primate Chairs

Plaster Supply House, Chicago, IL: 
Undated, R-2 All Materials Spray Gun

Plastic Process Equipment Inc., Cleveland, OH: 
1985, Screw Tips and Screw & Barrel Repair

Plastics One, Inc., Roanoke, VA:
2004, Pre-Clinical Research Components, Catalog E

1995 GSA Schedule Price List, Mod. No. 40
1998 The Polaroid Digital Microscope Camera: Capture Millions
1998 ColorShot Digital Photo Printer
1999 The Polaroid DMC Ie, Digital Microscope Camera
2000 Polaroid Federal Supply Service Catalog
Undated MP-3 Multipurpose Land Camera

Popper & Sons, Inc. New Hyde Park, NY:
1983 Bio-Medical Instrumentation, Hospital Supplies, Scientific Specialties
1992 Bio-Medical Instrumentation, Hospital Supplies, Scientific Specialties

PRA International Inc.:
1986 Nitromite LN 120 Subnanosecond Pulsed Nitrogen Laser
Undated Laser Price List

Precision Aperture, Fort Wayne, IN:
1978, Now, Your One Source for Microprecision Holes

Precision Equipment Co., Chicago, IL:
Undated Conversion Factors: Reference Table for Engineers and Other Executives

Precision Plastics Inc
2014 Multiwll Stage Top Enclosure

Precision Scientific Co., Chicago, IL:
1960s Shaker Baths, Dubnoff Shaking Incubator, Warburg Apparatus
1964  Freas Incubators, Ovens
Undated  Freas Low Temperature Incubators
Undated  Sero-Utility Baths
Undated  Thelco Ovens and Incubators

Precision Thermometer & Instrument Co., Southampton, PA:
1960s Princo Catalog  

Protein Simple:
2016   Proteomics Progress: Innovations in Protein Research
2017   Diagnosing Disease: Exploiting Biomarkers to Identify & Monitor Brain Dysfunction

Proteintech, Chicago, IL:
2014   Protocols Guide
2014   Antibodies for Cancer Research
2014   Antibodies for IHC and Pathology
2014   Antibodies for Stem Cell Research
2014   Antibodies for Kidney Research
2014   Antibodies for Cell Biology/Cell Death
2014   Immunofluorescence: Tricks and Tips for Immunostaining Cultured Cells
2014   A Beginner’s Guide to Immunohistochemistry
2014   Loading Control Antibodies for Western Blotting

ProtonOnSite: 2014 On-Site Gas Solutions

Pyles Industries, Inc., Detroit, MI:
Undated  Semco Sealant Gun for Applying Catalyst and Additive Materials
Undated  Electric Extruder Model 5006

Pyrometer Instrument Co., Bergenfield, NJ: 
1963 Pyro Surface Pyrometer
1964 Pyro Pyrometers Catalog

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