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Nalgene, Rochester, NY:
2007 Labware

Narishige Scientific Instrument Lab, Tokyo, Japan:
Undated Micromanipulators
Undated Vol. 3: Stereotaxic Instruments
Undated Vol. 4: Microelectrode Pullers, Microforges and Microgrinders
Undated Vol. 5: Chronic Micromanipulators
Undated Vol. 6: Accessories and Custom-Made Products

National Appliance Co., Portland, OR: 
1970s Incubators
1970s Controlled Environment Walk-in Rooms
1970s Heinicke Pulsonic Cleaning Equipment
1970s Automatic Autoclave/Dryer
1970s Catalog
1970  Price List

National Cylinder Gas, Chicago, IL:
1962 Regulators Parts list

National Instrument Laboratories, Rockville, MD: 
1965 Bulletin 1-1400

National Rubber Machinery Co., Akron, OH: 
196 , Price List

National SemiConductor Corp.:
1970 LM108A/LM208A/LM308A Operational Amplifiers General Description

NEN ™ Life Science Products, Inc.,
1998 Western Blot Products Guide

Neotec Corp., Rockville, MD:
Undated High Resolution Temperature Stability Active BandPass Filters

NESLAB Instruments Inc.:
1974 Temperature Controlled Liquid Systems
early 1990s NESLAB Recirculating Chillers
early 1990s Constant Temperature Bath/Circulators and Immersion Coolers

New Brunswick Scientific Co., Inc., New Brunswick, NJ:
1961 Gyrotory Incubator-Shaker
1971 Shake and Incubate...Right on Your Bench
1971 Magnetically-Driven Fermentor: Magnaferm Bench-Top Fermentor
1996 Price List
2006 Selecting the Right Shaker for Your Laboratory
2000s Innova ® The Driving Force in Digital Shakers
2000s Classic Biological Shakers

Nexus Research Laboratory, Inc., Canton, MA
1967  USL-1 & ESL-1 Ultra Stable All-Silicon, Solid-State Operational Amplifiers
Undated  4 outstanding operational amplifiers from Nexus…
Undated  …did you say an op amp for less than $10?:
Undated Types SA-1, SD-1, SQ-1 All-Silicon Solid-State Operational Amplifiers
Undated Types SA-2, SD-2, SQ-2 All-Silicon Solid-State Operational Amplifiers

Nitto Kohki, Englewood Cliffs, NJ:
1972    Drills, Sanders, etc. brochure
1972    Price List
1972    Mark II Die Grinder

Nikon Inc., Instrument Group, Garden City, NJ: 1990, Microscopes

Nortech Laboratories Ltd.: 1974, Stopped-Flow Kinetic Spectrometers

Nova Biomedical: early 1990s, Nova’s New Electrolyte Analyzers

Novex, San Diego, CA:  1999, Novex Protein Standards

Nuaire, Inc., Plymouth, MN: Undated, Biological Safety Cabinets, Incubators, Animal Research Products

Nuclear-Chicago Corp.:
1961 General Catalog
1971 1185 Series Automatic Gamma Counting Systems
1972 Radioimmunoassay Competitive Protein Binding Data Systems
Undated Biospan Gamma Counting Systems
Undated Liquid Scintillation Systems
Undated Automatic Gamma Counting Systems

Nuclear Measurements Corp., Indianapolis, IN: 1985, Radiation Monitoring & Counting

Nuclear Products Co., El Monte, CA:  1972, Staticmaster

The Nucleus Inc.: Undated, Personal Computer Analyzer: Spectroscopy Systems for the Future

Nunc, Inc., Denmark:
1990  Covalent Binding: CovaLink Your New Link in Immunology
1993  TechNote Vol. 1, No. 9 Coupling of Oligosaccharides to Nunc CovaLink NH Modules
Undated  StarWell Module: The Dawn of a Stellar Design
NH2 Note:
1993    #1  Primary amines introduced on a CovaLink NH2 Polystyrene Surface
1997    #2 Covalent Coupling of peptides to a CovaLink NHs Primary Amine Surface
1997    #3 Covalent Cupling of a Steroid Hormone to a CovaLink NH2 Primary Amine Surface
1997    #4 Cyanuric Chloride Activation of a CovaLink NH2 Primary Amine Surface
1997    #5 Covalent Coupling of Biotin amine to cyanuric Chloride activated…
1997    #6 Covalent Coupling of antibodies to cyanuric chloride actived…

Nycomed (Amersham) Pharma, Norway:
1993  Cell Biology
1994  OptiPrep is the gentle solution
1997  Biological Separations No. 2
1997  Biological Separations No. 3
1998  Applications and Products

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