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LabIndustries (L/I):
1970 LabQuake
1971 Lambda-Dial
1971 A Brief Guide to Instruments for Clinical & Research Laboratories
1971 Magnifying Indicator for L/I Repipets and Dilutors
1971 Repipets and Dilutors
1972 Repipets and Automatic Dilutors

Lab Mart, South Plainfield, NJ:
2002 Catalog

LabSource, Romeoville, IL: 
2014 Glove and Apparel Catalog

Laboratory Data Control: Undated, SpectroMonitor III

Lafayette Instrument Co.:
1977 TC-100 Thermal Comparator
1977 TC-100 Thermal Comparator and Reference Standards Price List

Laramy Products Co. Lyndonville, VT:
1961  Thermobande
1981  Making Better Plastic Welds

Lambda Electronics Corp.: Undated, LX Series

Lazar Research Labs, Inc.:
1970s Flat Bulb Combination pH Electrode
1970s Micro Ion Sensing Electrodes
1970s Micro-pH and Ion Sensing Electrodes
1970s pH Converter
1970s Dissolved Oxygen Probe

LDC/Milton Roy:
1982 Liquid Chromatography Accessories Info Packet
1982 SpectroMonitor D UV/Visible Variable Wavelength
1982 ConstaMetric III
1982 MiniMetric Series Metering Pumps
1982 Modular Liquid Chromatographs
1982 Take a Bite
1982 Liquid Chromatograph Control Module
1982 Price List
1983 Price List
1983 Hydrogen Products Price List
Undated SpectroMonitor III, Model 1204D
Undated MaxN Series High Efficiency, High Pressure Fluid Cells
Undated UV Monitor III
Undated RefractoMonitor III
Undated FluoroMonitor III
Undated ConductoMonitor Model 701
Undated MercuryMonitor 1235
Undated Laboratory Pumps
Undated Minipump Solvent Delivery System
Undated ConstaMetric IIIG Solvent Delivery System
Undated High Flow Rate Liquid Ends for LDC Pumps
Undated Entry-level Low Cost HPLC System
Undated Chromatographic Recorder Series 3400
Undated Model 302 Computing Integrator
Undated Gradient Master Model 1601
Undated Automatic LC Sampler
Undated Automation Accessories
Undated Dual Drive Floppy Disk Accessory
Undated Serfass ELHYGEN Mark V
Undated H2YCELL Hydrogen Storage Unit
Undated Hydrogen Purification Systems
Undated Hymonitor II, Direct Indicating Hydrogen Analyzer
Undated miniChrom HPLC System

Leeds & Northrup, Silver Spring, MD:
1953 Galvanometers, Dynamometers & DC Amplifiers, Section ED of Catalog E
1956 Galvanometers, Dynamometers & DC Amplifiers, Catalog ED
1959 Self-Saturating Saturable Core Reactors
1960 Speedomax H
1966 L&N Thermocouple Extension Wires
1968 Electrical Instruments, Catalog A
1969  Quiktip Thermocouple Connectors
1969  Speedomax W. Multi-Point Recorder with Cleertrend Printing
1969  Speedomax W/L 2-Pen Recorder
1969  Speedomax H, W and W’L Calibrated AZAR Recorders
1969  Millitemp Overheat Alarms with Power-Interrupt Protection
1969  L&N Thermocouple Wires
1969  Zero-Voltage-Firing Solid-State Power Package
1970  New Product Information
1970  Flexelect Point-Selection for Speedomax H and W Multi-Point Recorders
1970  Speedomax XL 680-Series Flat-Bed Laboratory Recorder
1970  Electromax III Universal Controller
1970  Solid-State Electromax Signaling Controller for use with Thermocouples
1971  Analog and Digital Meters
Undated Speedomax XL Recorders

Leica, Switzerland:
2015  A Shift of Perspective: DMi8 Inverted Microscope
2017  Step Beyond Infinity: Leica M165 FC and M205 FA Fluorescence Stereomicroscopes

Leitz (see Ernst Leitz)

Lepel: 1980, Bench Model Induction Heating Generators

Life Sciences Advanced Technologies, St. Petersburg, FL:
2014  AMV Reverse Transcriptase
2014 Technology

Life Technologies Corp.:
2014 EVOS Imaging Systems

Linear Instruments Corp.: 1970s , Recorders

1989 Recorder Catalog
1990 Catalog

Lithium Corp. of America: 1963, Organolithium Compounds

LKB, Bromma, Sweden:  1970, Acta Ampholinae Literature Reference List 1970/71

LKB Instruments Inc., Rockville, MD:
1970s Automatic Spectrum Stabilizer–Why?
Undated Ultrolab Dilutor

Loctite Corp., Newington, CT:
1991 Quick Metal 660
1991 Solutions from Loctite
1992 “Do It Right” Product Guide
1992 Loctite’s Expanded Silicone Line

Logosbio, Annandale, VA: 
Luna II Automated Cell Counter


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