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Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI:
2000    Raman Review, Winter
2000    Holographic Laser Bandpass Filters
2000    FastMap Chemical Imaging: Raman Microprobe
2000    In-Situ Reaction Montoring: Raman Spectroscopy
2000    Process Control: RamanSpectroscopy
2000    Research Holographic Products & Components
2000    Holographic Notch and Supernotch Filters
2000    UltraSpec-C

Kamweld Products Co., Norwood, MA: 
1964, Versatile Plastics Welders for sealing and welding of thermoplastics

Keithley: 1994, Data Acquisition

1971 K-K-K-Kel-Vi-Vinator. -96oC!

Kenco Pump Division: 1957, Catalog

Kenics Corp., Wakefield, MA: 1962, Model 102 Epoxer

Kensington Scientific Corp. (KENSCO): Undated, Disposable Micropipettes

Keuffel & Esser Co.:
1927 Catalog
1936 Catalog

Kewaunee Scientific Corp., Lockhart, TX:
1980s   EPSCO Selection and Ordering Guide
1980s   T-2000 Bench
1985    Sturdilite Technical Workstations
1986    FlexTech technical workstations
1988    Technical Furniture & Equipment
1988    Tech Stat
1989    Sturdilite Price List and Ordering Guide

Kibron Inc.:
Early 1990s Delta Pi-microtensiometer
Early 1990s ADMEscreen
Early 1990s The Multipurpose Langmuir-trough

Killion Extruders, Inc., Verona, NJ:  1965, Price List

Kimble Glass Co.: 1973, Advanced Precision Materials Handling for RIA Radioimmunoassay

Kimble Kontes:
1989/90 Complete Laboratory Glassware Catalog from Scientific Products
2000 Kimax
2000 Chromatography Products

KineticSystems Corp., Lockport, IL: 1993, CAMAC (IEEE-583) Product Catalog

KinTek Corporation:
Undated Stopped Flow SF-2001
Undated RQF-3 Quench-Flow

KinTek Instruments:
Undated Rapid-Quench Flow
Undated Stopped Flow AF-2001

Kleer-Vu Industries, Inc., New York :
1960s  Technical Data Vol. 1, No. 3
1967  Series 300 Model 300SP Vibra-Seal Ultrasonice Sealing Equipment
1967  Series 600 Model 602 Vibra-Seal Ultrasonice Sealing Equipment
1968  Series 600 Model 600M Vibra-Seal Ultrasonice Sealing Equipment
1968  Series 400 Model 400M Vibra-Seal Ultrasonice Sealing Equipment
Undated  New, fast, Low cost, Vibra-Seal 300

Kodak (see Eastman Kodak)

Kontes Glass Co.:
1966 Chromaflex Chromatographic Apparatus: Thin Layer Chromatography
1971 New Product Bulletin

Kontron: 1972, Diapack Equilibrium Dialysis System

Kratos Analytical Instruments: Undated, Spectroflow 773

Kurt Manufacturing Co., Minneapolis, MN: 1992 Workholding Planning and Buying Guide

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