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Idea Scientific, Minneapolis, MN: 1999, Millennium Electrophoresis, Blotting and Antibody Screening Catalog #21

IGEN Inc., Rockville, MD:
Undated The ORIGEN ® Immunoassay System: Electrochemiluminescence Detection for Immunoassays and Nucleic Acid Assays
Undated The ORIGEN ® Immunoassay System
Undated ORIGEN ® Immunoassay System Price List

IKA Works, Inc., Wilmington, NC: 
2016 Laboratory Equipment Designed for Scientists

Ilford: 1984, Nuclear Research Materials

Illumina: 2016, Battle Lines: Equipping the Body to Fight Cancer from Within

Imagine Optic, Cambridge, MA:
2013 Adaptive Optics for Microscopy

Industrial Science Associates, Inc., Ridgewood, NY:
Undated  Differentiator
Undated  Electrometer NC
Undated  Micro-manipulator
Undated  Micro-electrode Probe Unit
Undated  Platinum Coil forming Die, Draft Shield, Pipette Grinder
Undated  Pipette Holder Rack

INDPOL Monothane, Cucamonga, CA: 1972, Specifications

Ingold Electronics Inc.:
1976 Catalog
1977 pH Electrodes
1977 Catalog

Instrumentation Laboratory Inc. (IL):
1970s 182 CO-Oximeter
1970 213 Digital Blood Gas Analyzer
Undated Catalog

Instrumentation Specialties Co. (ISCO), Lincoln, NE:
1968 Density Gradient Electrophoresis
1970 ISCOTables: Handbook of Data for Biological and Physical Scientists
1975 GSA Catalog
1986 Catalog 22: Classical LC, Electrophoresis
1995 Catalog 30: Instruments and Media for Chromatography, Low Pressure LC, HPLC, SFC

Integrated Separation Systems (ISS), Hyde Park, MA:  undated, Protein-Gold Colloidal Gold Assay Reagent

Intel Corp.:
1976 OEM Computer Systems: SBC-016 16K Byte Ram Memory Board
1977 SBC 032/048/064 RAM Memory Boards

Inter-Dyne: Undated, Mod-Rack

International Crystal Laboratories:
Undated Optical Crystals, Cells and Accessories for FTIR, IR and UV Spectrophotometers

Interfacial Dynamics Corp. (IDC):
1988 Ultraclean Uniform Latex Microspheres
1990 Ultraclean Uniform Latex Microspheres
1994 Ultraclean Uniform Latex Microspheres

International Equipment Co. (IEC):
1968 Centrifuges
1968 Plastic Centrifuge Tubes and Bottles Specifically Designed for Centrifuge and Ultracentrifuge Applications
Undated Centrifuges and Rotors

Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA:
1999 SeeBlue Plus2 Pre-Stained Protein Standard
2002 Expressions
Undated Ready-to-use Standards for Protein Electrophoresis

IN-X Fasterner Corp., Newark, NJ:  Undated, Threaded Inserts

Isolab Inc.: 1980s, Research and Clinical Electrophoresis, Catalog E-100

Ithaco: 1977, Catalog

ITW Devcon, Danvers, MA:
1990s   User’s Guide for Metal-Filled Epoxies
1990s   Flexane Urethane Compounds
1990s   Floor Savers
1990s   Zip Grip
1990s   Magic Bond
1990s   E-Z Pouch
1990s   User’s Guide for Flexane
1990s   various product data bulletins
1993    magicSorb

Ivan Sorvall Inc., Norwalk, CT:
1960s New Sorvall Aluminum Specimen Holder
1960s Stereozoom Microscopes for Use with “Porter-Blum” Ultra-Microtomes
1960s Cycloptic Stereoscopic Microscopes for “Porter-Blum” Ultra-Microtomes
1966 RCS-B Automatic Superspeed Refrigerated Centrifuge
1966 Product Guide: Centrifuges, Laboratory Instruments
1966 “Porter-Blum” MT-1, MT-2 Ultra-Microtomes
1967 MT-2 Price List and Ordering Specifications
1968 Supplementary Bulletin
1968 Supplementary Bulletin: Vibration Absorbing Plate
1968 Tubes, Bottles, Adapters & Accessories for Sorvall Laboratory Centrifuges
1968 CW-1 Cell Washing Centrifuge
1968 KSB “Szent-Gyorgyi & Blum” Continuous Flow System
1969 Rotors, Tubes, and Adapters for GLC-1 General Laboratory Centrifuge
1969 HG-4L Swinging Bucket Rotor for the RC-3
1969 HL-8 Horizontal Rotor for the RC-3
1970 Centrifuges and Laboratory Instruments Product Guide
1970 Centrifuges & Laboratory Instruments
1970 Rotors, Tubes, Bottles, Adapters & Accessories for the RC2-B, RC-2, SS-3, SS-4, & SS-1 Superspeed Laboratory Centrifuges
1970 Tubes, Bottles, Adapters Specifications & Price List
1970 The Sorvall SZ-14 Reorienting Density Gradient Zonal Rotor
1970 MT2-B “Porter-Blum” Ultra-Microtome
1970 JB-4 “Porter-Blum” Microtome

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