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Hamamatsu: 1987, Light Sources for Measurement Applications

Hamilton Co., Reno, NV:
1964 Precision Syringes and Related Equipment Catalog H-64
1969 Precision Syringes and Related Equipment Catalog H-68r
1974 Syringes, Dispensers, Chromatographic Accessories, Inert Valves, Chromatographic Resins and Buffers
1981 Microliter ® Syringes
1999 Precision Fluid Measuring Products

Hamilton Storage Technologies, Franklin, MA:
2012 Vantage
2013  LabElite Line

Hans Hosle, Dr. Ing. Chem.:
1960 Micro Hydrogention Apparatus
1960 Micro-combustion Automats
1960 Fraktions-Sammler, FG 500, FG2000
1960 FT Protoelektrischer Tropfenzahler
1960 Thermostatisch geregelte Heizbader, W250, O250
1960 Heizplatten mit Thermoregulator, H125, H150
1960 Mikro-Carius-ofen, BOML
1960 Trockenblock, TB
1960 Sublimationsblock SB

Hart Scientific:
Undated 1006 Micro-Therm Thermometer
Undated Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Undated Ultra Stable Constant Temperature Baths and Circulators
Undated Isothermal Flow Calorimeter
Undated Heat Conduction Calorimeter
Undated Don’t Lack Sensitivity, Have a Hart

Harvard Apparatus, Millis, MA:
1971 Bulletin 306: Electrodes for All Biological Applications
1971 Bulletin 630: Carbon Dioxide Analyzers
1972 Bulletin 542: Tissue and Animal Preparation
1972 Bulletin 550: Pump Speed Modulator
1972 Bulletin 975: Compact Infusion Pump Model 975
1972 Bulletin 1300: Lambda Pump Systems
1973 Bulletin 290: The New Harvard Biograph
1973 Bulletin 295: Systems Estimator for Harvard Biograph Recording Systems
1973 Bulletin 303: Harvard Electronic Transducers
1973 Bulletin 308: Stimulators for Physiology, Psychology, and Medical Applications
1973 Bulletin 400: Mechanical Modular Recording Systems
1973 Bulletin 500: Kymographs Accessories for the Harvard Kymograph Recording System
1973 Bulletin 565: Tubing & Syringes for Pumping
1973 Bulletin 607: Harvard Animal Ventilators
1973 Bulletin 825: Harvard I-V Clamp
1973 Bulletin 876: Dye Dilution Pumps
1973 Bulletin 900: Classic Harvard Syringe Pumps
1974 Price List
1974 Bulletin 270: Harvard Physiological Feedback Monitors
1974 Bulletin 300: Chart Movers for the Harvard Modular Recording System
1974 Bulletin 302: Electronic Recording Module Model 350
1974 Bulletin 304: Harvard Amplifiers & Signal Conditioners for the Electronic Modular Recording System
1974 Bulletin 310: Accessories and Supplies for Harvard Recording Systems
1974 Bulletin 330: Systems Estimator for Harvard Electronic Modular Recording System
1974 Bulletin 800: Harvard I-V Fluid Controller
1974 Bulletin 1200: Peristaltic Pumps
1974 Bulletin 1400: Pulsatile Blood Pumps
1997 BioScience
2014 Precision Surgical Instruments for Research
2014 OxyletPro System / Panlab

Harvard Bioscience, Hollison, MA:
2000/2001 Solutions for Proteomics & Genomics

Heathrow Scientific 
2013 Catalog
2014 Catalog

Helena Laboratories:
1978 Cardiac Profile Reference Chart
1980 Helena Work Chart

Heto Lab Equipment AS: 1977, Lab Equipment

Hewlett Packard
1980 GC/MS for EPA Regulations?
Undated HP 1100 Series Modules and Systems for HPL
Undated Tomorrow’s Analytical Instruments Today

Hilger & Watts, London, England:
1951 Catalogue L, Measuring Microscopes, Spectrum Projectors & Comparators (Nov.)
1952 Catalogue E, Spectrographs (April)
1952 Catalogue N, Interferometers (September)
1952 Catalogue F1: Spectroscopic Accessories
1952 Catalogue F II, Spectroscopic Light Sources & Other Electrical Accessories (Sept.)
1952 Catalogue D, Monochromators & Spectrometers (October)
1952 Catalogue M, Refractometers, Polarimeters, Temperature Regulators, Strainviewers, Photoelastic Apparatus, Electrophoresis Apparatus (November)
1952 Catalogue H, Absorptiometers, Fluorimeters, Colorimeters, Spectrophotometers, Microphotometers (December)
1953 Catalogue C, Watts Table & Spectrometers (January)
1958 Schwarz Thermopiles

Hi-Tech Scientific Ltd.:
1970s Rapid Chemical Kinetics

Hobart Manufacturing Co., Troy, OH:
1963  Kitchen Aid Price List
1963  KitchenAid the finest made
1963  KitchenAid Food Preparer Attachments
1963  KitchenAid N-50 Mixer

Hoefer, Inc., San Francisco, CA:
1988, Price List IBF France
2006/7 Everything for Electrophoresis
Undated  Product Information:  S-Zephyr and D-Zephyr
Undated  Product Information:  Trisacryl GF 05/GF 2000
Undated Product Information:  NPC-activated Trisacryl, GLUT-activated Trisacryl
Undated SL 280 Gel Tube Slicer

Hoggson & Pettis Mfg. Co., New Haven, CT: 
1962 Production Tools and Dies

Honeywell, Denver, CO
1975 Model 5600 Recorder/Reproducer Proposal

Hull Corp., Hatboro, PA: 
1966 Model 5-AR Vacuum Potting ad Encapsulating, Standard Potters, and Production Equipment

HyClone, Logan, UT:
1997-99 Biotechnology Products & Services

Hyde Manufacturing Co., Southbridge, MA: 
1958 Hyde Handbook of Industrial Knives, Fix-up Paint-up Tools

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