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G-Biosciences, St. Louis, MO:
2007 bio-NEXT, Vol. 9

Gagne Associates, Inc., Binghamton, NY:
1972  Price List: “Sensiflex” Fluidic Devices
1970s  Two Hane, Non-Tie-Down Circuit (All Air)
1970s  “Sensiflex” Applications
1970s  “Fluidic Eye” Method Proximity Detection
1970s  Pressure Measurement
1970s  “Sensiflex” Fluidic Switches
1970s  Line Pressure Switches
1970s  “Sensiflex” Supply Input Parts
1970s  “Sensiflex” All-Air Fluidic Amplifier Valves
1970s  “Sensiflex” All-Air Fluidic Amplifier Valves—miniature
1970s  “Sensiflex” Accessories
1970s  Logic Devices
1970s  Mounting Rack & Manifold
1970s  Deltech Filter—Model SFL20
1970s  Fluidic Study Kit
1970s  “Sensiflex” Fluidic Counter
1970s  Air Filter Pressure Switch

Galatic Industries Corp., Salem, NH:
1990s   GRAMS

Gardner Instruments, Bethesda, MD: 
1964 Instruments for Measuring Physical Test Bulletin

Ge. Fe. Ri., Italy: Undated, Diamond Knives for Electron Microscopy

Gelman Instrument Co.: 1976, Gelman Membrane Filtration Products

Gelman Sciences, Ann Arbor, MI:
1991 The Filter Book

Genalyte Inc., San Diego, CA: 
2013 Maverick Detection System/Universal Multiplex Assay Platform

General Activation Analysis, Inc.:
1982 Catalog

General Diagnostics: 1972, Compu-Pet 100

General Electric (GE), PIttsfield, MA:
1969  Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet Product Data
1970s Lexan Polycarbonate Resin
1985 QE-300 Automated, Analytical NMR Spectrometer System
1992 Properties Guide GE Engineering Thermoplastics
2006 Build Your Own FPLC Purification System
2008 NanoVue Spectrophotometer
Undated Lexan Resin Design Tips (newsletters in binder)

General Radio Co.:
1946, Catalog K
1968, Catalog T (February)

General Valve Corp.: early 1990s, Solenoid Valves

Genesse Scientific, San Diego, CA:
2013  Brochure Fall Edition
2013  Products Available through NIH Stockroom
2014  Spring/Summer Brochure

Genzyme Diagnostics, Cambridge, MA: 1995, Cytokine Research Products

Getty Machine and Mold Inc., Clifton, NJ: 
1962, Piercing Tool, Molds, Slug Cut-off Machine, ASTM Test for compression

Gilbert Boy Engineering:
1920s Catalog

Gilford Instrument Laboratories Inc., Oberlin, OH.:
1968       Micro-Sample Spectrophotometer 300-N, Data Lister 4006, and Rapid Sampler 2443
1969       Automatic Recording Photometer 2000
1969       Spectrophotometer 240
1969       Spectrophotometer 2400
1969       Price List
1974       Model 230 Spectrophotometer
1974       Model 2520 20 Centimeter Gel Scanner
1974       Model 2527 Thermo-Programmer
1974       Model 2580 Density Gradient Analyzer
1974       Model 203 Flow Through Cuvettes
1974       Model 410 Digital Absorbance/Concentration Meter
1974       Model 2410-S Linear Transport
1974       Model 2414 Vertical Indexing Film Adapter
1974       Model 2445 Spectro-Stir
1974       Model 531 Sample Programmer
1974       Model 533-1 Sample Programmer
1974       Model 2535 Reference Compensator
1974       Model 3017-T Thermo-Cuvette
1974       Model 4009 Data Lister
1974       Model 4014 Enzyme Concentration Calculator
1974       Model 6050 Recorder
1974       Flo-Kleen
1974       “Thermal Analysis of Biological Macromolecules in UV-VIS Spectrophotometers,” Stephen Douglass, American Laboratory
1975       Stasar I
1975       Stasar II
1975       Stasar III
1975       Gilford 250 Spectrophotometer
1975       Gilford Model 2400-2 Automatic Recording Spectrophotometer
1975       Model 2443-A Rapid Sampler
1975       Model 2450, 2451 Cuvette Positioners
1975       Gilford Spectrophotometers, Accessories, Systems
1975       Gilford Supplies and Disposables
1975       Progressive Automation 3400 Series
1975       The All-Purpose Micro-Chemistry Analyzer
1975       Cardiac Output System Model 140
1975       Model 6060 Automatic Dispenser
1975       Model 6065 Automatic Pipettor/Diluter
1975       Gilford Analyzer System Syva/EMIT Immunoassay
1975       Gilford Vptm System for Veterinary Methodologies
1975       Model 532-1 Sample Programmer
1975       Models 2470, 2470-A, 2475, 2475-A Five and Ten Centimeter Cuvette Compartments
1975       p/n 1365 Round Cuvette Holder
1975       Model 2428 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Cell
1975       Model 2220 Adapter
1975       Models 2530, 2535 Wavelength Scanner Reference Compensator
1975       “Standardization of Temperature, Absorbancy, and Wavelength Measurements in UV-VIS Spectrophotometry,” Stephen A. Douglass and Robert J. Emary
1978       Series 252 “New Life” Spectrophotometer Modernization Systems
1978       The Rapid Sampler
1978       Thermal Printer Model 4019
Undated  Selecting a UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Undated  Model 222 Spectrophotometer Update System

Gilson Medical Electronics (GME), Middleton, WI:
1960s Recording Ultraviolet Absorption Meters
1962 Price List for Ultraviolet Absorption Meter
1971 See the Gilson
2017 Pipette Selection Guide

Glasrock Plastics:
Undated Filter Sampler Blood Serum Filters

Global Laboratory Solutions
2014 Vidrix Laboratory Glassware

Gould Inc., Cleveland, OH: 
1971 GSA Price List

Grass Instruments, Quincy, MA: 
1963 Model 5 Polygraph
1971 Polygraphs, Physiological Instruments

Greenerd Press & Machine Co., Inc., Nashua, NH:
1975  30 Ton Laboratory Press
Undated   Hydraulic Presses Handy Book

GTE Metal Laminates Division:
1987 Chace Termostatic Metals

Gulton Techni-rite Electronics, Inc., East Greenwich, RI: 
Undated Recorders

Gyrozen, Seoul, South Korea:
2014  Clinical Centrifuges
2014  Multi-Purpose High-Speed Centrifuges

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