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FiberLite Inc., Santa Clara, CA:
2002   FiberLite High Speed – Super Speed Product Catalog
Undated    FiberFuge 3K
Undated    Did you know….?
Undated    Want larger volume?
Undated    Accessories for 4000 mL and 6000 mL Carbon Fiber Rotors
Undated    Universal Table Top Centrifuge with a Carbon Fiber Rotor
Undated    Special Carbon Fiber Tissue Culture Rotors…
Undated    Largest Capacity Composite Rotor…
Undated    FiberLite Centrifuge Rotors use Millipore Co. Ultrafiltration Devices
Undated    FiberFuge 3K plus

Fine Science Tools, Foster City, CA:
2002 Catalog 15 Surgical Instruments for Research
2017 Fine Surgical Instruments for Research

Fisher Scientific and Eimer & Amend:
1942 Catalog 90

Fisher Scientific/Thermo Scientific:
2012    Thermo Scientific PikoReal Real-Time PCR System
2012    Advance PCR Enzymes
2013    Marketplace
2013    Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue Wireless Monitoring Solution

Fisher Scientific Co., Pittsburgh, PA:
1952 Catalog 111
1958 Catalog 59
1964 Catalog 65
1966 Evans Model 140 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
1966 Atomic Absorption Standards
1968 Laboratory Diluters
1968 Fisher Brand Pipets
1969 Med-Lab Reporter Vol. 9, No. 12
1970 Cahn Recording Electrobalance Model RG or RH
1970 Catalog 70
1987 Catalog 88
1990 Catalog
1995 The Fisher Chemical Catalog
1999 Biotrack
2000 Catalog
2003 Biotrack
2003 PCR Catalog
2004 Biotrack
2002/2003 Catalog
2011/2012 Catalog
2014/2016 Catalog

Fluidigm, San Francisco, CA:
2011  BioMark HD System
2012  Single-Cell Auto Prep System
2012   C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System
2012   Genotyping
2014   CyTOF 2 Mass Cytometry System

Fluid Automation, Inc, Detroit, MI: 
Undated,  Meter-Mix Machines for Liquid Silicone Rubber

Fluid Metering Inc.: 1980, Catalog

Fluorocarbon Mechanical Seal Division, Los Alamitos, CA: 
Undated, High-Performance Seals

Forma Scientific, Marietta, OH:
Undated Laboratory Incubators & Anaerobic Systems
Undated Ultra-low Temperature Freezers
Undated Ultra-low Temperature Freezers (later date)

ForteBio Corp., Menlo Park, CA: 
2011Blitz System

Fred S. Carver Inc., Menomonee Falls, WI: 
Undated, Hydraulic Laboratory Presses

Frequency Devices, Inc.:
1977 Active Filter Products
1978 Resistive Tuneable Lowpass Active Filters 730/740 Series

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