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Eastman Kodak:
1945 Materials for Spectrum Analysis
1969 Black-and-White Films in Rolls
1969 Kodak Color Dataguide: Exposing, Printing, Processing
1976 Directory of Products & Services for Health Sciences HS-1
1979 Photographic Products
1983 Products for Special Biomedical-Imaging Applications
1985 GSA Federal Supply Service
1985 Products for Special Biomedical-Imaging Applications
1986 Black-and-White Papers, Films, and Chemicals
1987 Scientific Imaging Products
1990 Laboratory Chemicals
1992 Optical Products
1994/5 Biological Research and Imaging Products

Eclipse Air Brush Co., Newark, NJ: 
Undated G-6 Gun

Edgerton, Germeshausen & Grier Inc. (EG&G):
1965 SGD-444 Series Silicon Photodiodes Diffused Guard Ring Construction

Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ: 
2003    Optics and Instruments Catalog
2009    Optics and Instruments Catalog

Edmund Scientific, Barrington, NJ:
1994 Optics, Science, and Education

1983 Catalog

EG&G ORTEC, Oak Ridge, TN:
1982 Instruments for Research and Applied Sciences: Modular Electronics, Solid-State Radiation Detectors, Data Acquisition & Analysis Systems
1998 Price List

EG&G WALLAC, Finland:
1998 Easy Counters

E.H. Sargent & Co.:
Undated Mettler Balances

E.I. du Pont de Nemous & Co. (see DuPont)

Electronic Heating Equipment, Troy, NY: 
1965 Catalog

Eldex Laboratories Inc.:
1979 Universal Fraction Collector
1979 Preparative Fraction Collector
1980 Column Heaters
1982 Price List
1983 High Pressure Metering Pumps
1983 Microprocessor-Based Gradient & Systems Programmer
1983 Selector Valve
Undated Press Release for Pump Monitor

Electron Microscopy Sciences:
1998 Catalog XIII

Electronics for Life Sciences, Inc. (ELS), Rockville, MD:
1971  Stimulator/Differential Amplifier (ELS SA-1)
1971  Instrument Price List
1971  Amplifier (ELS A-4)
1971  Amplifier (ELS A-3)
1971  Amplifier (ELS A-2)
1971  Physiological Amplifiers
1972  Amplifier (ELS A-5) A Solid State Negative Capacitance Amplifier
1972  Differential Amplifier (ELS DA-1)
1972  Pulse Amplifier (ELS PA-2)
1973  Nanoamp Stimulator (ELS CS-3)
1974  Constant Current Stimulator (ELS CS-1)
1974  Bak Standard Wide Band Electrometer
1974  Instrument Price List
Undated  BAK Standard Wide Band Electrometer (ELS A-1)

Elkay, Shrewsbury, MA: 
1981 Duo-Star pH Electrodes
Undated Acid Flexible Manifold Pump Tubing

EMD Biosciences, Madison, WI:
2004 Novagen® Innovations
2004 Novagen & Calbiochem Sample Preparation: Tools for Protein Research

EMD Millipore, Billerica, MA:
2012   Western Blotting Tools
2012   Protein Blotting Handbook
2014   Technical Resource and Product Guide: Essential Biochemicals for Research
2014   Sample Preparation Product Guide
2015   Guava easyCyte Sytems: Expanding the potential of Flow Cytometry

EM Laboratories:
1981 Introducing Fractogel TSK: Unique Packing Material for High Performance Gel Filtration
1991 Tentacle Type Ion Exchange Bioseparation Media
Undated 410
Undated Fractogel TSK
Undated Uvasols Solvents for UV, IR, NMR Spectroscopy
Undated ColorpHast Store

Emerson Apparatus Co., Melrose, MA: 
1961 Ross Rubber Flexing Machine

Emerson & Cuming, Inc., Canton, MA: 
1967 Eccocoat Coating, Resins, Epoxies and Others

Emil Greiner Co.:
1958 Catalog 12th edition

Engelhard Industries Inc.,: Hillside, NJ
1961 Precious Metal Catalysts
1968 Bi-Distillation Apparatus

Energy & Minerals Research Co.:
Undated Ultraknife Ultrasonic Cutting Tools

EngineersExpress Inc., Medway, MA:
Undated Laboratory Bubble Tubing: Polyvinyl Chloride

Entran Devices, Inc.:
1998 Sensors and Electronics
Undated A Brief Catalog of Entran Products for Acceleration, Force, Pressure
Undated Pressure Meter EMP 40/45
Undated EPX Series Miniature Threaded Pressure Transducers

Environmental Sciences Assc.:
1983 Coulochem Electrochemical Detector for HPLC
1983 Coulochem, Dual Electrode Electrochemical Detector for HPLC
1984 Ion Chem, Ion Chromatography System
1984 Organic Acids/Beer
1984 Water Hardness
1984 Drinking Water
1984 Linearity-Anions
1984 Linearity-Cations
1984 Reproducibility
1984 Versatility
1984 Cations in Beer
1984 Monovalent Cations
1984 Halides
1984 Ions in Rain Water
1984 IonChem Ion Chromatography System
Undated Info Sheet

Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany:
2005 Products and Applications for the Laboratory
2012 Products and Applications for the Laboratory
2012 Endless Possibilities Microcentrifuges
2013 Fermentors and Bioreactors
2014  #canyourepeatthat
2014 Natural Winners
2014 Count on it! Eppendorf Repeater M4 and Combitips
Undated epMotion® Liquid Handling Workstation

Ernst Leitz:
1931 “Ultropak” Micro-Equipment
1934 Ring Illuminator for Bright and Dark Field
1969 Orthoplan Universal Large-field Microscope
1972 Diavert Inverted Transmitted-light Microscope
1972 Epivert Inverted Incident-light Microscope
1972 Price List for Orthoplan Microscope and Accessories
1972 Ortholux II Large Microscope
1972 Price List for Diavert Microscope and Accessories
1972 Price List for Ortholux II Microscope and Accessories
1972 Interference Systems
1972 The Leitz System Camera: A Universal Camera System for Photomicrography
1975 Price List for Ortholux II Microscope and Accessories
2011 Orthoplan and Ortholux II Research Microscopes
Undated  Orthoplan

EZBiolab, Carmel, IN:
2014  Peptide Synthesis Antibody Development Protein Expression and Purification
2014  EZgel Systems
2014  Instant-Band

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