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Cajon: 1977, Pipe Fitting, Weld Fittings, Conversion Fittings & Hose Connectors

Caliber ID, Rochester, NY:
2014   Vivascope 3000
2014    Vivascope 2500
2014    Vivascope 1500  Multilaser

Calbiochem-Behring, San Diego, CA:  1983, Biologics Vol. 8, No. 4

California Laboratory Equipment Co., Oakland, CA:  Undated, Model C Evaporaor

Caltag Laboratories, Burlingame, CA:
2002 Catalog
Undated Fix & Perm ® Applications Guide to Intracellular Flow Cytometry

Cambridge Instrument Co., Cambridge, England:
1930 Galvanometers, List No. 167
1957 Galvanometers
Undated The Cambridge Huxley Ultra-microtome

Cambridge Research and Instrumentation, Inc.: 1987, Laser Intensity Stabilizers

Canal Industrial Corp. (CANALCO), Rockville, MD: 
Undated, Automatic Fraction Collector/U.V. Flow Analyzer

Canberra: 1981, Germanium Detectors

Canberra Nuclear, Meriden, CT:
Undated Edition Nine: Systems Supplement
Undated Edition Nine: Instruments Catalog

Canon: Undated, Model CNF 26 Motor-Tachometer

Carl Zeiss:
1950s Hand Spectroscope (Zeiss Winkel)
1965   Instruments for Photogrammetry and Photo Interpretation
1968  Phase Contrast and Interference Contrast
1977  Microscopes and Accessories
1979  Polarizing Microscopes
1980  Invertoscope D Price List
2000 Axiovert 200: The New Standard in Inverted Microscopy
2005 When Was the Last Time You Saw Something for the First Time?: FluoresScience
2005 AxioCam HS: Fast, Precise, Live
2005 LSM 5 DUO and LSM DuoScan Laser Scanning Microscope Workstations
2008 Biomedical MicroImaging Newsletter
2009 MicroImaging Newsletter-September
2013 Newsletter for Life Sciences, # 1
2017 Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7
2017 Zeiss LSM 880 with Airyscan
2017 3D Imaging Sytems
Undated EM 9 S-2 Electron Microscope
Undated Microscope for Depth Measurement
Undated  Standard GFL Microscopes

Cell Signaling Technology, Danvers, MA: 2006, Flow Cytometry and Intracellular Signaling

CENCO: Undated, Mechanical Vacuum Pumps

CG Life Sciences, Vineland, NJ:
2014   New Life Science Products (Fall edition)
2014   Life Science Products
2014   Cell & Tissue Culture

Chemalloy Electronics Inc.:
Undated Improved Fluxless Aluminum Solder and Welding Rod
Undated Fluxless Aluminum Solder

Chemapec Inc., Hoboken, NJ:
1971 Chemapec Pec Fermentor Systems

Chem-Service: Undated, Pesticides Catalog No. 82

Chemical Dynamics Corp.: 1980, Chemalog Hi-lites, Vol. 4, No. 1

Chemical Rubber Co., Cleveland, OH:
1936, Catalog D of Chemical Laboratory Apparatus
1960s, CRC “Vari-Cal” Immersion Unit

Clairex Corp.: 1964, Photoconductive Cells

Clausing, Kalamazoo, MI:
1969  Catalog
Undated, Machine Tools brochure

Clay Adams, New York, NY:
1966  Instruments for Micro-Dissection and Micro-Surgery, Experimental and Animal Surgery
Undated Micropet Disposable Lambda Pipette

Cleveland Dental Mfg. Co.: 1949, Catalog

Clifton Standard Hydraulic Press Co., 1978, Series H 10-75 Ton Strain Rod Hydraulic Presses

Clontech, Palo Alto:
1999 Advantage ® PCR Enzyme Systems
2012 Living Colors Fluorescent Proteins

Cober Electronics Inc.:
Undated If You’re Thinking of Going Microwave
Undated Series SCCD Industrial Microwave Oven
Undated Microwave Generators for Industrial and Laboratory Heating Applications
Undated Microwave Rubber Processing Systems

Coleman Engineering Co. Inc.:
1968 Beattie-Coleman Oscillotron Oscilloscope Cameras
1968 Oscillotron Camera, Model MII-911

Cole-Parmer, Chicago, IL:
1971 Micrometer and Digital Dispensers
1984 Pump Applications Guide
1998 Fittings, Tubing, Valves
1998 Electrochemistry
2000 Catalog
2001 Catalog
Undated Plastic Ware Chemical Resistance Chart

The Colson Corporation, Elyria, OH: 
1960s The Model 110 Automatic Blood Pressure Recorder

Comet Industries, Bensenville, IL: 
1960s Comet Lab-Master
1964   Comet Meteor Automatic
1965   Select the Comet to Meet Your Need

Commonwealth Technology Inc.:
1990 Differential Stopped-Flow Microcalorimeter, Model DSFC-100, (see 94.0022.012.00)
Undated Berger-Thibault Differential Thermal Titration Apparatus Model DTTA-100

Composite Rotor, Inc., Mountain View, CA:
Undated Composite Rotors

Computer Boards, Inc., Mansfield, MA:
Undated    Compatible I/O Series CIO-AD16/50k and /100k

Comstock Inc:
1980s Optical Heat-Pipes, Model HP-801, HP-802

Continental Lab Products, San Diego, CA:
2000s Tools for Molecular Biology

Cooke Inc., Bloomington, IN:
Undated Needle & Catheter Reference Chart

Cordis Corp., Miami, FL:
1992 Cordis Reflex Steerable Guidewires
1992 Cordis in Miami

Corning, Acton, MA and Corning, NY:
1985 BNC Electrodes
2000 Equipment & Scientific Instruments
2005 Life Sciences Selection Guide
2012 Closed System Solutions
2013  Stem Cell Research
2013  Bottlemania!
Undated, The Fleaker

Corning Inc., Tewksbury, MA:
2017  Break the 3D Barrier: Corning 3D Cell Culture

Coulbourn Instruments, Whitehall, PA:  2014, Behavioral Research

Coulter Electronics, Inc., Cranford, NJ: 
Undated Preliminary Information on the Model 550 Clean Room Monitor

Crawford Fitting Co.:
1977 Sno-Trik Tube Fittings & Valves for High Pressure

Cryo-Med, Washington, DC: 
1978 Price List

C.R. Bard Inc., Billerica, MA:
1991 PET: Performance Balloon Material
1991 Probe III: Balloon-on-a-Wire Dilatation System with 2.5 cm Flex Tip
1991 Force 20, 30, 40: Balloon Dilatation Cathether with Pro/Pel Coating
1991 Silk Guide Wire with Continu-Core Design
1991 Phantom Guide Wire with Gold Tip Control

Curtin Matheson Scientific: 1973, Balance Selector Guide

Curtin Scientific Co., Rockville, MD:  Undated, Thelco Ovens and Incubators

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