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Medical posters drawn by artists at the National Institutes of Health provide publicity to scientists to seminars on specialized subjects and attract public attention to medical topics of broad interest. Ideas for posters are most often gleaned from the human body itself. Many of the configurations found in science - a cell, muscle, or calcium channel - have graphic appeal which the artist can often readily adapt into a poster with visual impact. The following medical posters represent a small fraction of the total number of posters designed over the past 30 years by artists in the NIH's Medical Arts and Photography Branch.

The posters in this exhibit are not available for purchase or for download in high-resolution format. These are in the public domain and available for use. Unfortunately, the posters are printed in very small quantities for specific events at NIH and, aside from one archival copy that is usually sent to the National Library of Medicine for the Images in the History of Medicine collection, none are saved.

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