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Special Spotlights

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National Heart Institute

1948-1969 National Heart Institute
1969-1976 National Heart & Lung Institute
1976-Present National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute


The National Heart Institute (NHI), one of the NIH's first institutes, was founded on June 16, 1948, to develop expertise in heart disease research and cardiovascular disease. The institute transfers basic science knowledge to physicians in the hopes of fighting diseases. In 1949 Dr. Shannon became director of the laboratories and clinics of the newly created NHI. He recruited many of his best researchers from Goldwater, including Drs. Bowman, Brodie, Udenfriend, and Berliner.

The National Heart Institute fostered collaboration among researchers, doctors, and scientists. Ideally, such interaction could accelerate the transfer of basic science knowledge to practicing physicians for the patient's benefit. A key component in this process was the Laboratory of Technical Development, where Dr. Bowman did his research.

Chart from NIH Databook

Chart from NIH Databook, 1954


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