Doogab Yi, Ph.D.

Doogab YiDr. Doogab Yi applies a historical and anthropological approach to studying the biomedical sciences during the 1970s.  In his first book, The Recombinant University, Yi analyzes how research patronage, market forces, and legal developments in the 1970s and 1980s influenced the evolution of recombinant DNA technology and reshaped the moral and scientific life of biomedical researchers. 
In his new project on the history of tumor virology during the 1970s War on Cancer, Yi continues to identify key legal and policy issues that have influenced biomedicine in the 1970s.  Some of his current areas of focus include the study of higher organisms in molecular biology; the emergence of big-scale, target-oriented biomedical research; and the rise of the biomedical-industrial complex. 

Doogab Yi received his Ph.D. in History from Princeton University in 2008.  He is currently a fellow at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia.

Selected Publications:

The Recombinant University (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, in press).

“Who Owns What? Private Ownership and the Public Interest in Recombinant DNA Technology in the 1970s,” ISIS, 2011, 102 (3): 446-474.

“The scientific commons in the marketplace: the industrialization of biomedical materials at the New England Enzyme Center, 1963–1980,” History and Technology, 2009, 25 (1): 69-87.

“Cancer, Viruses, and Mass Migration: Paul Berg’s Venture into Eukaryotic Biology and the Advent of Recombinant DNA Research and Technology, 1967–1980,” Journal of the History of Biology, 2008, 41 (4): 589-636.

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