Lisa Kay Walker, Ph.D.

Lisa Kay Walker held her Stetten Fellowship from 2005-2006.  Her research project, titled “U.S. Soviet Collaboration in the Fight Against Polio: NIAID, Attenuated Vaccines, and the Prevention of Viral Diseases in the 20th Century,” explored the US and Soviet Union collaboration in the production of the oral polio vaccine (OPV), which took place at the NIAID and its Laboratory of Infectious Disease after World War II.  This successful collaboration helped to foster the eradication of poliomyelitis on a global scale.  Walker’s research illuminates the details of NIAID researcher’s role in the Soviet oral vaccine work and the impact of the OPV experience on the course of research at NIH and NIAID.

Kay Walker received her PhD in History from University of California, Berkeley. She is currently an independent scholar working on the history of biomedical science and public health.

Selected Publications:

“Teziakov, Nikolai Ivanovich,” and “Khlopin, Grigorii Vital’evich” [biographical entries on two prominent Russian/Soviet medical practitioners], Dictionary of Medical Biography (Greenwood Press, 2006).

“Dobzhansky, Theodosius” [biographical entry on the émigré evolutionary biologist], in The Supplement to the Modern Encyclopedia of Russian, Soviet and Eurasian History (Academic International Press, 2006).

 “The Pen and the Test-tube Revisited: Generational Identity, Scientific Innovation, and Russia’s Reception of Bacteriology, 1890-1914,” The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review (2005) 32: 2-3.

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