buhm soon park, Ph.D.

Buhm Soon Park held his Stetten Fellowship from 1999-2000. His research project “Chemistry for medicine, David R. Davies’s research group of molecular structure at the NIH, 1961-1998” encompassed the changing boundary between chemistry and medicine at the NIH through its examination of NIH scientist David R. Davies. Through this unique case study, Park explored the culture of scientific practice at the NIH as compared with that in academia or industry, and revealed the relationship between biomedical sciences and national health in the postwar period.  Park has since expanded his research to include a project on the history of the NIH Intramural Program, which he is preparing as a book titled Health through Science: The NIH and the Evolution of American Medical Research Policy,1930-1980

Buhm Soon Park is currently an Associate Professor, Graduate Program of Science and Technology Policy, Korea. 

Selected Publications:

“Rethinking the Technology Gap,” Korean Journal for the History of Science, 2011, 33: 297-300.

with Sandeep Khot and W. T.Longstreth, Jr. “The Vietnam War and Medical Research: Untold Legacy of the U.S. Doctor Draft and the NIH ‘Yellow Berets’,” Academic Medicine, 2011, 86: 503-508.

“Between Accuracy and Manageability: Computational Imperatives in Quantum Chemistry,” Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, 2009, 39: 32-62.

“Disease Categories and Scientific Disciplines: Reorganizing the NIH Intramural Program, 1945-1960,” in Biomedicine in the Twentieth Century: Practices, Policies, and Politics, edited by Caroline Hannaway (Washington, D.C.: IOS Press, 2008), 27-58.

“The Development of the Intramural Research Program at the National Institutes of Health after World War II,” Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 2003, 46: 383-402.

with Victoria A. Harden, “Marshall Warren Nirenberg,” Encyclopedia of the Life Sciences (London: Macmillan, 2001).

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