marcia lynn meldrum, Ph.D.

Marcia Lynn Meldrum received a Stetten Fellowship in 1998-1999. Her research project “Pain research at the National Institute of Dental Research, 1958-1999” was an examination of the history of intramural pain research at the NIH, centering on Dr. Ronald Dubner’s laboratory at the National Institute of Dental Research from 1965 to 1994, and the pain clinic in the Clinical Research Center from 1983 to 1994. Her research as a Stetten Fellow was part of a larger scholarly project to trace how pain was reconfigured as a research topic in the late twentieth century and the process by which laboratory research translated into clinical pain management.

She is currently a Researcher/Lecturer at the Department of History, UCLA.

Selected Publications:

“The Property of Euphoria: Research and the Cancer Patient,” In ML Meldrum (ed.) Opioids and Pain Relief: A Historical Perspective (Seattle: IASP Press, 2003).

“A Capsule History of Pain Management.” JAMA 290 (November 12, 2003): 1-6.

“A Brief History of the Randomized Controlled Trial: From Oranges and Lemons to the Gold Standard,” Hematology/Oncology Clinics of North America, 2000, 14, 4:745-760.

“The historical feud over polio vaccine: how could a killed vaccine contain a natural disease?” Culture and Medicine, 1999, 171: 271-273

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