John Rosser Matthews, Ph.D.

John Rosser Matthews held his Stetten Fellowship from 2001-2002. For his research project, “Birth Asphyxia and Cerebral Palsy: A controversial relationship on the interface between science and policy,” Matthews investigated changing scientific understandings of the etiology of cerebral palsy based on epidemiological research supported by NIH, and the social, legal, and ethical implications of these scientific findings.

John Rosser Matthews received his PhD in History of Science and Medicine from the Department of History, Duke University. He is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Neuroscience, Georgetown University Medical Center, collaborating with Alan I. Faden on a book manuscript tentatively entitled Cracks in the Caduceus: A History of American Medicine.

Selected Publications:

“When the ‘Gold Standard’ was controversial” The NIH Record, 2002, 54, 4.

“Commentary: The Paris Academy of Science Report on Jean Civiale’s Statistical Research and the 19th Century Background to Evidence-Based Medicine” in International Journal of Epidemiology, 30 (December, 2001): 1249-50.

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