Brian Casey, Ph.D.

Brian CaseyDr. Brian P. Casey studies scientific practices, controversies, and the metaphysical implications of the twentieth-century life sciences.  Currently a visiting researcher, Brian is examining the role that the National Institute of Mental Health played in the history of psychiatry.   Specifically, he is exploring how this institute’s mission has changed, narrowing in scope but deepening in focus.  Whereas the NIMH of the past had an expansive view of mental health, which ranged from the sociological to the psychoanalytical, the NIMH of today channels its resources principally towards the biological in all its researched levels.  He is interested in understanding how NIMH shifted psychiatry back towards the biological and how this shift has transformed the way we think about the mind. 

Brian P. Casey received his PhD from Yale's History of Science Program in 2009.

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